About Pastor Joshua Scheer

Pastor Joshua Scheer is the Senior Pastor of Our Savior Lutheran Church in Cheyenne, Wyoming. He is also the Editor-in-chief of Brothers of John the Steadfast. He oversees all of the work done by Steadfast Lutherans. He is a regular host of Concord Matters on KFUO. Pastor Scheer and his lovely wife Holly (who writes and manages the Katie Luther Sisters) have four children and enjoy living in Wyoming.

Time is running out – register now for Orlando or Phoenix Conferences

Dear readers of Steadfast Lutherans, Our conferences are soon approaching.  Great presentations will be had in areas where we don’t usually have confessional Lutheran conferences.  Besides that – all of your midwesterners need to get to a warmer place for … Continue reading

Great News! The editors of CSL’s Concordia Journal give a Christian example.

Yesterday Dr. Arand of Concordia Seminary, St. Louis published an article explaining some of the editorial process used in the production of Concordia Journal.  He also offered an apology and asked for forgiveness in regard to the article by Dr. … Continue reading

An example of broken dialogue by Concordia Seminary, St. Louis

Editor’s Note: It doesn’t take long trying to wade through the muddy mess of doctrine and practice in the LCMS before you are accused of violating “dialogue” or that solutions to problems can only happen through such “dialogue”.  Recent examples … Continue reading

Great News – Dr. Jurchen confesses, CUNE gives Christian example.

UPDATE – The Editors of Concordia Journal have also asked for forgiveness for the article in question. In a Sunday evening post over at Concordia Theology the CSL blog released two statements, one by Dr. Jurchen, who wrote the original … Continue reading

2018 Steadfast Lutherans Lenten Series – The Lord’s Prayer in the Lord’s Passion

The time has come to release our theme and service plan for the 2018 Steadfast Lutherans Lenten Series titled “The Lord’s Prayer in the Lord’s Passion”.  The initial thought for this series comes from a volume called “Sermon Texts” by … Continue reading

Great Stuff – President Harrison speaks out on Creation.

Found over at blogs.lcms.org Concerning the Six-Day Creation by Matthew C. Harrison Creation is a mystery. Just as science will forever have a problem with Jesus being God and man, with His virgin birth, or with His resurrection, so science … Continue reading

Mountain West Young Adult Retreat – The Herring Barrel for Lutherans

Editor’s Note:  This is a last minute opportunity for folks to come!  It’s called “Herring Barrel” after the story that Katie von Bora was smuggled out of her convent in an empty herring barrel.  To find a godly spouse is … Continue reading

Phoenix or Orlando? Your choice, but come to one of our conferences in January and February.

Take your pick.  Both conferences promise to be good opportunities for socialization with other Confessional Lutherans and learning from good teachers.  Both conferences will host excellent preaching.  Both conferences will offer Friday night parties.  It’s just a matter of distance … Continue reading

Wyoming District President Responds to CSL Faculty Rebuke Letter

On behalf of the Wyoming District’s pastors our District President, Rev. John Hill  wrote and sent the following letter (and cover letter) in reply to the Concordia Seminary, St. Louis faculty rebuke of the Wyoming District pastors. If you do … Continue reading

Great Stuff – Some more backstory to the current creation-evolution issue in the LCMS from a Country Parson

From Musings of a Country Parson At the 2013 synod convention, an overture was brought to the floor to commend the universities of our synod for their faithfulness. This happens every three years. It is a pro-forma thing to commend … Continue reading

CSL sends letter of rebuke to Wyoming and South Wisconsin District Pastors

This past Friday the faculty of Concordia Seminary, St. Louis sent a letter via email to every pastor in the Wyoming District (81 of them by a quick LCMS locator count).  A similar letter was sent to the pastors of … Continue reading

Great Stuff – “Hard Cases and Bad Laws – 8th Commandment Edition”

from Musings of a Country Parson: Some years ago, our “flagship” seminary had a spot of trouble. The one job they were given – training pastors to faithfully teach the Word of God to our parishes – became too much … Continue reading

Phoenix and/or Orlando – TWO Regional Conferences – Come to one, come to both – great teaching will abound.

It is with joy that I want to announce to our readers a second regional conference also in a warm place this winter.  On February 2-3, 2018 (just a week after our Orlando conference) we will have a conference outside … Continue reading

New Regional Conference – Spend time in January in warm Orlando, Florida – Jan 26-27, 2018

We are rolling out our newest regional Conferences – starting with this one in Orlando, Florida at the end of January (another is planned for Phoenix in February).  Come and join other Steadfast Lutherans for some time under the word … Continue reading

For Giving Tuesday support conscientious organizations like Lutherans For Life!

Last week I wrote an article exposing the willful acceptance by FiveTwo of monies from the Gates Foundation, a known worldwide supporter of abortion.  One reader asked me privately about the hypocrisy involved since he thought Lutherans for Life was … Continue reading

FiveTwo partners with abortion supporting organization.

It’s Time to start asking your Districts and also the LCMS International Center why they either work with FiveTwo actively or tacitly allow them to infiltrate and leaven the entire synod. This “Giving Tuesday” FiveTwo will be receiving matching funds … Continue reading

2017 Advent Devotion now available – For unto us a Son is given.

It’s here and in time to be used for Advent (especially since we have an extra week this year).  Thanks especially to Mrs. Holly Scheer for the copy editing and also to Mrs. Kris Brown for layout and art direction.  … Continue reading

Prayers Requested for the publishers of GOOD NEWS magazine.

Dear readers of Steadfast, It is with great sadness that I want to report to you that over the past day a fire has raged in the St. Louis area and it still smolders tonight.  The fired claimed a warehouse … Continue reading

A few organizational changes going on at Steadfast…

There are a few things that have been happening behind the scenes here at Steadfast.  We have now for the past year or so renewed our 501c3 non-profit status (Steadfast Lutherans, Inc.) and have been operating with a Board of … Continue reading

Help Lutherans in Africa get French Hymnals for $5 a piece!

There is a great opportunity for those willing to work fast.  CPH has published a great hymnal in French that is quite useful for mission work in Africa.  As such, Lutherans in Africa would be happy to receive as many … Continue reading

Advent 2017 Series from Steadfast in the Parish – “For unto us a Son is given” – Service Plan

The start of a new church year is coming.  As has become custom here at Steadfast we are working up a series for Advent which will include a devotional (look for that early to mid-November).  This year’s series is titled … Continue reading

CPH has sold 118,000 of these – have you bought any yet?

Concordia Publishing House let me know today that they have sold 118,000 copies of the newest version of a tract-like Small Catechism.  Congregations are using them in evangelism.  Visitors and community members are receiving them and reading them to find … Continue reading

Can’t make the ACELC Conference on male/female? Listen live online!

This week I was hoping to make it to the ACELC Conference on the topic of the Order of Creation.  It looks like they have an outstanding lineup of speakers on a topic that is ever so timely.  But parish … Continue reading

Male and Female – Order of Creation Conference – Register Now!

Dear Readers of Steadfast Lutherans, It doesn’t take long looking around the culture to get see the confusion of sexes going on.  It also doesn’t take long examining the church’s recent history to see confusion about male and female as … Continue reading

Time Running Out – Three Estates Conference in Denver, CO

Want to make sense of the world around you? Want to understand how your family fits into everything? What about the Church? Come and hear teaching on the Three Estates, a teaching that will help us understand much that is … Continue reading