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Katie Luther
Katie Luther
Want to talk theology, but the lack of sound sisters got you down? What does the Bible, the Confessions, and the history of the Church really have to say about that? If you’ve been looking for an online home that is true to Lutheran theology and a place to connect with like-minded Christians, welcome.

Our goal is to foster an environment of growth and education in confessional theology and the history of the church that is tailored to the needs to women.


About Katie

Katharina von Bora (January 29, 1499 – December 20, 1552), was the wife of Martin Luther and he often called her “My Katie”. Katie played an extremely valuable role during the Reformation by helping to define the Protestant family life and setting the tone for clergy marriages. She was also known for her organizational skills. The Luther family had a rather large home (a gift from the Duke) with scholars and pastors as frequent guests. Katie was essentially a full-time inn keeper along with raising the Luther children.


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