Pastors: We need your questions!

What is the most interesting question you have ever had to answer in Catechesis, either for children or adults? Post in the comments.

You can also post any sort of question that made you think, or made you stop for a moment. We’d even love to hear what question you think the synod catechism should answer, but it doesn’t. (We’re collecting catechism questions for a future project, in case that wasn’t already obvious.)

3 thoughts on “Pastors: We need your questions!

  1. “We pray in Luther’s Morning Prayerthat God would ‘keep us this day also from sin and every evil’. If this part of Gods good and gracious will, why do we still sin?”

  2. The most common question I am asked by adults is what the phrase, “He descended into hell,” in the Apostle’s Creed means.

  3. Here are two of the best I’ve heard over the years:

    1) Adam and Eve were perfect. So, if Adam cut off his arm or fell out of a tree and lost his arm, would it grow back?

    2) There’s God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Why isn’t the Holy Spirit the uncle?

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