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Confessional Lutherans will be gathering on April 12-13th at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Collinsville, Illinois for a conference on the matter of the Law in the Lutheran Church. For many years, the leaven of antinomian teachings have made their way into the Lutheran Church. The LCMS is beginning to see their fruit in many ways. This is good. Now, we need to hear the truth from God’s Word, our Confessions, how we have dealt with similar things in our history, and yes, even be warned and taught how to discern such false teaching.

This conference has been in the works in between me (of Steadfast Lutherans), Rev. David Ramirez (of Bugenhagen Conference), and Rev. Andrew Packer (pastor at Good Shepherd, member of Steadfast Board of Directors). The real impetus was a string of emails from years back when Rev. Paul McCain was helping to bring a number of pastors up to speed on the issues at hand.

We gathered one of the best speaker lists possible on this topic. The target audience will be laity but there will certainly be application for parish pastors, theologians, and even synod officials.

Here are the speakers:

Rev. Dr. Scott Murray (Senior Pastor, Memorial Lutheran in Houston, Also West Region Vice President, LCMS)

Rev. Dr. Peter Scaer (Professor, CTSFW)

Rev. John Hill (District President, Wyoming District, LCMS)

Rev. Todd Wilken (Issues Etc.)

Rev. David Petersen (Pastor, Redeemer Lutheran in Fort Wayne; Gottesdienst Editor)

Rev. Mark Surburg (Pastor, Good Shepherd Lutheran in Marion, IL)

Rev. David Ramirez (Pastor, St. Paul Lutheran in Union Grove, WI; Organizer of Bugenhagen Conferences)

Rev. Joshua Scheer (Senior Pastor, Our Savior Lutheran in Cheyenne, WY; President of Steadfast Lutherans)

We will also gather for prayer offices and hear preaching from:

Rev. Michael Walther (Senior Pastor, Good Shepherd Lutheran in Collinsville, IL)

Rev. Ben Ball (Senior Pastor, St. Paul Lutheran in Hamel, IL; Central Region Vice President, LCMS)

Rev. Wil Weedon (Assistant Pastor, St. Paul Lutheran in Hamel, IL; Catechist – Word of the Lord Endures Forever Podcast)

Come join us for the conference from April 12-13th.

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