2023 Lenten Series – “Given and Shed for You – the Lord’s Supper for Lent” – Service Plan

We are in our sixth year of covering the Small Catechism for Lent, and so we have come to the Sacrament of the Altar for Lenten catechesis. The following service plan is suggested for use with either a prayer office (Vespers recommended), or because of the topic, a Divine Service (DS 3 is recommended).

Ash Wednesday

Normal Propers

Lent Midweek 2 – “What is the Lord’s Supper” (Real Presence emphasis)


Opening 619

Psalm 23

Office Hymn 627


            1 Cor 10:1-22

            Matthew 26:26-29     

Closing Hymn 585

Lent Midweek 3 – “Where is this Written” (Emphasis on the Words of Institution)


Opening 433

Psalm 111

Office Hymn 634


            Exodus 12:43-51

            Mark 14:22-25

Closing Hymn 559

Lent Midweek 4 – “What is the benefit of this eating and drinking?”


Opening 618

Psalm 116

Office Hymn 620


            Acts 2:42-47

            Luke 22:19-20

Closing Hymn 617

Lent Midweek 5 – “How can bodily eating and drinking do such great things?” (emphasis on the efficacy of the Word along with eating and drinking)


Opening 623

Psalm 34

Office Hymn 622


            Exodus 16:1-35

            1 Cor 11:23-26

Closing Hymn 865

Lent Midweek 6 – “Who receives this sacrament worthily?” (emphasis on faith in the Words)        


Opening 636

Psalm 50

Office Hymn 625


            John 6:47-58

            1 Cor 11:27-34

Closing Hymn 627

Holy Week

Normal Propers

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