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Mr. Tom (TR) Halvorson has been busy at work for the good of Lutherans all over. He has produced a couple of volumes that are affordable and contain some wonderful theology. Normally, places might consider his publications as “competition” for Steadfast Press, but we hope to praise all faithful works from faithful authors and publishers, especially as small, faithful publishing houses are starting up to fulfill a great need for faithful, affordable resources for Lutheran parishes and households.

The first is a volume is about how the doctrine of the Atonement is in the most important works we have as Lutherans – our catechisms, confessions, and hymns. Mr. Halvorson has done a great deal of research to find this common underlying foundation in these foundational Lutheran things.

Order a copy of “The Vicarious Satisfaction in Lutheran Catechisms, Confessions, and Hymns”

The second is a translation of an older work on the Atonement. This is a work that was praised by Rev. Dr. Robert Preus and has been wonderfully translated by Mr. Matthew Carver, whose works for CPH should be some of the most promoted ones over there, as they are some of best treasure we have as Lutherans. As there are heretics who deny the atonement being promoted among Lutherans, both of these books are invaluable to help bolster Lutherans against the judgment of trusting such poor judgment.

Order a copy of “Atonement in Lutheran Orthodoxy: Johannes Quenstedt”

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