updates and improvements – the Original Home of the Book of Concord Online has undergone some new improvements and updates – just in time for the celebration of the Presentation of the Augsburg Confession this weekend.

The site was redesigned a couple years ago to keep in line with the wishes of the McCain family who wanted Steadfast Lutherans to take back the management of the site. We have gradually introduced functionality and features as we go along. Everyone here at Steadfast has other callings (husbands, fathers, pastors, etc.) which don’t always allow for us to take on these side tasks, so we get to them when we can. In this case, Rev. Matthew Dent is the cause of these improvements finally happening. Rev. Dent has been one of our most devoted volunteers in helping with but also with a lot of our other projects. If you know him, thank him. He doesn’t do any of this for the credit, but I believe credit should be given where it is due.

What’s new on

  • Clicking on a paragraph number will copy a link to that page and paragraph to the clipboard. This behavior is indicated by a paragraph number changing to a “link” icon when you hover over the number on a desktop. 
  • Clicking on the text of a paragraph will “select” the entire paragraph.  Users can then use their regular way of copying selections to copy it to the clipboard.  Manually selecting stretches of text from multiple paragraphs still works also. Text selected and copied in this way will have the link to the page added to the copied text.  The link will automatically focus on the paragraph linked to. 
  • The behavior is similar on mobile. 
  • On the Desktop, hovering over a paragraph underlines the text of the paragraph and reveals the “link” icon
  • Hovering over a paragraph number reveals the link icon also.

2 thoughts on “ updates and improvements

  1. This is wonderful! Thank you for doing this. Would you be interested in putting an index of Scripture passages at the end? I would be willing to type up what I have from the Concordance.

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