Steadfast in the Parish


Steadfast in the Parish is a free resource designed by Steadfast Lutherans (Brothers of John the Steadfast) for use within Lutheran churches. Pastors are encouraged to share, download, print, and use these publications within their congregations.

This educational initiative is just getting started. The following are our current resources. Check back often as more items are in the works and will be available for distribution. Please let us know if there’s a topic you would love to see addressed.

  1. Call Process (Read online or printable PDF)
  2. Establishing the Family Altar (Read online or printable PDF)
  3. Gospel Notes: Study Notes on the Gospel Reading for the Historic 1-year Lectionary designed for the Laity
  4. Lambs at Pasture: highlight the readings of the historic one-year lectionary. Each publication focuses on Sunday’s lessons and is divided into small, bite-size portions, for you and your family.
  5. Christ and the Church Marriage Devotion:  A thirty-day devotion concerning the Holy Estate of Marriage.  (Free PDF or Paperback)
  6. Solus Christus – A free Reformation Devotion for Advent
    Published Dec 2016
  7. Cause for Great Joy, an Advent Devotional based on the Advent and Christmas hymns of Paul Gerhardt
    Published Dec 2015
  8. From His Fullness We Have Received, a Lenten Devotional based on Grace upon Grace: Spirituality for Today
  9. Be at Leisure by Andrew Richard — A book by Rev. Andrew Richard that addresses how outreach happens naturally.