Great News – Dr. Jurchen confesses, CUNE gives Christian example.

UPDATE – The Editors of Concordia Journal have also asked for forgiveness for the article in question.

In a Sunday evening post over at Concordia Theology the CSL blog released two statements, one by Dr. Jurchen, who wrote the original offending article of Concordia Journal that contained false doctrine – but great news – Dr. Jurchen has realized the error and handled it a Christian way – admitting it and asking for it to be fixed.  Also a statement by Nebraska District President Snow was released.  Both of these are fine examples of Christian conduct.  We rejoice in reading them as should all of our readers.  Thanks be to God for such a wonderful work!

However what is missing is a similar Christian confession from the faculty at CSL, who since their publication of the article containing false doctrine and doubling-down rebuke of over 450 pastors in two districts has owned the error for themselves.  Instead their statement said that they “will refrain from further commentary on his article”.  They also had turned off comments on their article posting.  Their clamor for more dialogue is empty at present.  I hope they change their ways.

I have asked for some of our authors here at Steadfast to consider writing about this pattern of “withdrawal” without actually confessing or addressing the sin.  This is one of the historical problems in the LCMS, of a group of theologians doing something wrong, then withdrawing it without any public confession or change of behavior, then years or decades later the error once again rearing its ugly head.  I hope and pray that the CSL faculty is considering all of this as some of the history of CSL has exhibited this behavior leading to one of the worst times in LCMS history.

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