Great News! The editors of CSL’s Concordia Journal give a Christian example.

Yesterday Dr. Arand of Concordia Seminary, St. Louis published an article explaining some of the editorial process used in the production of Concordia Journal.  He also offered an apology and asked for forgiveness in regard to the article by Dr. Jurchen.

Likewise, in this particular case, our editorial judgment failed to correct this error. In hindsight, we should have required a revision of those sections that contained the implication that the LCMS has acknowledged Day-Age theory as an acceptable exegesis of the Creation account in Genesis 1 & 2.

For that, we were in error. We apologize and ask forgiveness for the confusion this has caused.

This means that the original author of the article and now the editorial staff of the Concordia Journal have both behaved as Christians, recognizing their sin and confessing it.  They stand forgiven and ought to be regarded as such by all who have been following this situation.  The editors also mentioned that they are renewing their efforts in editing the Journal, which is fruit in keeping with repentance.

Thank you Dr. Arand.

Ultimately thanks be to God who has worked through this for a greater confession of the truth not only of Creation but also the truth of how Christians confess sins and receive forgiveness.

There still remains the issue of the CSL faculty rebuke of the pastors of both Wyoming and South Wisconsin Districts.  I am hoping that the spirit in which these statements have now been made will prevail in that situation as well.  That rebuke falsely accused 450 pastors of breaking the Eighth Commandment.  The pastors conferences rightly condemned the errors found in Dr. Jurchen’s article (errors now admitted to by by Dr. Jurchen and the Concordia Journal editors).  I pray the faculty can follow the Christian examples of Dr. Jurchen and Dr. Arand on this.

In your prayers, thank God that men of God still listen to God’s Word and hear the absolution.


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