Pr. Wolfmueller on Bumper Sticker Theology and the Anti-Catechism

The congregation I serve has a speaker come every year for an afternoon and teach on an evangelism related topic.  This year, Pastor Wolfmueller was invited up to speak on the topic of “bumper sticker theology”, which of course has been a long standing topic on his podcast, Table Talk Radio.  The presentation was an excellent primer on the theology going on behind popular bumper stickers and in general, American spirituality.

One of the best things of the presentation is that Pr. Wolfmueller presented all of this in the framework of what he is calling “The Anti-Catechism”, or a way of looking at the world around us in its attacks on virtually every point of the Catechism.  It really helps to organize what is going on all around us.

The presentation is three hours long, but well worth it.


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