Sermon — Pr. Tony Sikora — Fourth Sunday of Easter

Jesus is once again in Jerusalem. It is the festival of lights, the feast of dedication, Hanukah! And it is winter. But John is not giving us a weather report. No, beloved, John is describing his world. It was winter and the hearts of men were cold. It was winter and the Jews were unbelieving. It was winter and those for whom Jesus came were plotting His death. It was winter and the coldness of the world pressed around Jesus and even gathers around Jesus not so much to receive the warmth of His heart but to trap Him in His words and condemn Him. “Tell us plainly if you are the Christ.” They are not seeking the truth but merely a reason to cast stones.

Tuesday With Luther

In this video I walk through one of Luther’s sermons on John 20:19-31. In this sermon Luther makes a distinction between the Holy…

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