Licensed Lay Whatchamacallit? Let Gottesdienst help you understand the issue.

whatchaThis year’s convention of the LCMS has a few key issues.  One of them is the issue of Lay Ministry, allowed in the LCMS officially since 1989 in opposition to the plain teaching of the Augsburg Confession (Article XIV).  To Synod’s credit, they realized it needed addressing (2013 Convention) and Pres. Harrison following the 2013 Convention put together a task force to study it.  (I know the frustration over why things must be “studied”, but whatever, progress towards faithfulness is good, even if slow).  Gottesdienst, one of the best online (and in print) groups for Lutheran theology of worship and the ministry put together a conference this past week.  The videos are now online for people to view.  Take a look at them.  The presentations are very good.  Pres. Harrison also was in attendance and took some time to explain the changes suggested by the Task Force in an understandable way.

The videos can be found here.

For those of you wanting to know more about it, these videos are a great resource.  For those convention delegates (especially the ones getting the sort of propaganda like the Northwest District has been putting out) this will be very helpful in figuring out the faithful alternative to the mess the LCMS has found herself in.  Here’s a tip – if the material you read or hear on this issue seems to promote “class warfare” between Clergy and Laity you are hearing from the wrong sources – rather Marxist ones – which ought not be heard from again in Christ’s Church.

Take a look or listen to these presentations.  They are worth your time.



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