Catechetical Aesthetics with Pastor Mize (Part 1)

Pastor Gaven Mize of Augustana Lutheran Church in Hickory, NC has begun producing a series of really great videos about the significance of what we see in church.

These videos are exceedingly practical. For example, Pr. Mize makes a helpful connection between liturgical architecture and God’s presence. Where things like the altar, pulpit, and font are central, we have a visual reminder that God’s presence is not to be sought in our emotions, but in those objective, concrete places where He has promised to be—in His Word and Sacraments.

Below the video you will find a series of questions Pr. Mize has written up exclusively for Steadfast Lutherans to help pastors and congregations dig a little deeper into this study. Enjoy!

A Congregational Study of the “Teach us, Augustana” Classes: Class I
Rev. Gaven M. Mize
Augustana Evangelical Lutheran Church

(This study should be conducted by the pastor to help the members learn what our churches teach us properly)

What are aesthetics?

When we look to purchase a home does it matter what the house looks like? Why?

Should we expect less for the house of the Lord than what you expect for your family to live in?

What does it mean to be “catechized?”

What things are teaching tools? Can what we see teach us the one true faith?

What does “catechetical aesthetics” mean?

Why does the presence of God really mean?

Where do we find the presence of God in the Holy Word of God?

When the presence of God was placed in the arc of the covenant did it matter to God what the arc looked like?

Where did the presence of God move?

Did the temple that God chose (St. Mary’s womb) matter to God? Was that temple called “blessed?”

Where is the presence of God today? In the font? On the Altar?

Should we beautify the things that hold the very presence Christ?

What does your church aesthetics teach you about the faith?

In what ways can you help your pastor/congregation beautify the aesthetics that teach us the faith?

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