Exorcise Your DRP Demons at the LCA Conference

Over the last year, the twists and turns of Rev. Dr. Matthew Becker’s exoneration on false teaching charges followed by his eventual removal from the LCMS roster have highlighted some of the theological and polity issues that confront the LCMS. Some of those issues include women’s ordination, evolution, and the dispute resolution process. With the LCMS national convention coming up, now is a fitting time to examine these issues. A good way to get started on that project might be to attend the Lutheran Concerns Association Annual Conference, to be held in Fort Wayne on January 18, 2016 (the day prior to the seminary’s symposia). Speakers and their topics include:

• Rev. Dr. Roland Ziegler – The Foundations Must Stand—Contemporary Issues in the Doctrine of Inspiration

• Dr. David Menton – Implications of Evolutionism: Should the Christian make Peace with Darwin?

• Dr. Jack Kilcrease – Matthew L. Becker’s Theological Vision: Revisionist and Provisionist

• Rev. Prof. John Pless – Women’s Ordination: Test Case for Biblical Authority in Global Lutheranism

• Rev. Dr. Martin Noland – A Brief History of the Justice and Disciplinary System of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod

• Mr. Walter Dissen, Esq. – Reconciliation, Adjudication, and Appeal Pre-July 1992—A Gold Standard Trashed

• Rev. William Kilps – Reconciliation – A Kingdom Matter but Which One?

• Mr. David Hawk, Esq. – The Dispute Resolution Process: Who does it serve?

The conference format includes time after each speaker for Q & A, lunch, plus a panel discussion at the end of the day. Come break bread with fellow confessional Lutherans and discuss the current topics that confront Christ’s Church. For registration and further information, go here.

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