Sermon — Pr. Tony Sikora — How Many of You are Firstborns?

How many of you are the first born in your families? Go ahead, raise your hand.  Never let it be said that Lutherans don’t raise their hands in Church.  J  Now how many of you are second born?  And how many are third born?  Any fourth?  Any fifth?  Any sixth borns?  Any beyond that?  God bless your mothers.  I’m a first born.  Our Old Testament text speaks about firstborns.  “You shall set apart to the LORD all that open the womb, that is every first born that comes from an animal which you have, the males shall be the Lord’s.  . . . And all the firstborn of many among your sons you shall redeem.”  The first born sons were to be redeemed with a Lamb.  And their mothers, who were unclean because of the flow of blood in childbirth were also to be presented and cleansed by sacrifice.  The sons redemption was to be a reminder of the LORD’s deliverance of Israel at Passover and the cleansing of the mothers was to be a reminder of both the curse upon Eve and her daughters as well as the promise that the Messiah would be born.