Thank you for supporting Candidates (CRM)

CRMIn a previous post, I passed along a request to provide some funds to help pastors without calls celebrate Christmas.  That effort was led by Pr. Ken Kelly.  Pr. Kelly sent this note to any of you who helped donate.  I will say thank you too.  From Pr. Kelly:

I told my seminary classmate Pr. Scheer, that my name being mentioned at BJS (in a positive sense), let alone the posting of this brief piece, is a sure sign that the advent of our Lord is much closer than anyone could possibly imagine.
Nevertheless, I asked him if I could write and thank those who had contributed money for our men languishing in the hell of CRM. These men and their families-and we can never forget that when a pastor goes into such a purgatory, he doesn’t go alone: his entire family enters with him-have always been of great concern to me, and all too often are simply forgotten or neglected by both Synod and Districts.
Few ever completely heal from their wounds, and a large part of that reason is that the medicine of mercy and compassion is not given to them; they end up as pariahs-lepers if you will-on the outskirts of the town forced to call out “Unclean.”
So thank you for helping these men, thank you for caring about these men, and thank you for your compassion toward these men and their families.
It’s worth remembering in this season of the Incarnation that Christ took on all human flesh, was crucified, resurrected and ascended, with all human flesh—even that of our CRM brothers. Perhaps someday we will have a Church body that takes the fullness of the Incarnation seriously.
Once again, thanks for your help, and a blessed Nativity season to all!

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