Supporting Pastors in Need at Christmas

CRMWe have often reported of the horrid conditions that many men find themselves in on Candidate status.  Here is an opportunity for anyone who wants to help these men at this time of the year.

This effort is being headed up by Rev. Ken Kelly, who has also worked very hard to help pastors in need.  Consider supporting this effort to show some care to men who maybe haven’t been shown it in the past.

Donations can be sent to Pr. Kelly.  His contact info is [email protected] and his parish address is:

Holy Cross Lutheran Church

711 Chestnut Street

Johnstown PA 15906


About Pastor Joshua Scheer

Pastor Joshua Scheer is the Senior Pastor of Our Savior Lutheran Church in Cheyenne, Wyoming. He is also the Editor-in-chief of Brothers of John the Steadfast. He oversees all of the work done by Steadfast Lutherans. He is a regular host of Concord Matters on KFUO. Pastor Scheer and his lovely wife Holly (who writes and manages the Katie Luther Sisters) have four children and enjoy living in Wyoming.


Supporting Pastors in Need at Christmas — 18 Comments

  1. @John Wurst #1

    What about setting up a GOFUNDME for the CRM men and their families?

    I would hate to take this “outside”. [Yes, this is a public list but only trolls stray far from their own fields.] You would have to explain the situation and possibly name the men. They might face retaliation from their DP’s for “embarrassing” them with uncomfortable truth.

    And then we have “confessionals” [all the way to the top, apparently] who think the men “deserved it” (as an excuse for not helping them). Have they asked the men their side of it? Not likely. The bureaucrats should all have chapped hands!

  2. While I am extremely happy to read this that there is a pastor of a congregation to step up to help these men who need help; it is sad to know, by my experience, that this pastor and the location of his church is in a district that believes in firing of pastors is ok to do which leaves the pastor on candidate status for a lifetime.

  3. I know of one LCMS District where the pastor resigned from his parish
    due to self-admission that he was not a good fit for parish ministry.
    So the District paid his expenses to take a course on becoming an
    LCMS chaplain to seniors in nursing homes. He then served 30 years
    as a chaplain and was happy and fulfilled after 4 years in the parish.

  4. @Tileman Hesshusius #3

    If you are referring to Pastor Kelly’s district, he is located in the SELC district, which very definitely does not consider the firing of pastors “ok.” This is the district I am in also.

  5. Thank you Ken for heading this up! Being on CRM was quite difficult for us while I waited for a new call. I spent roughly two years without a position. I survived on savings as we had no unemployment from the government. (I was placed in LCC and am a U.S. Citizen, which meant no unemployment from Canada or U.S. upon my return state side.) I did CPE chaplaincy training, attended circuit meetings, pulpit supplied where anyone would have me, and attended district conventions. All while trying to hold down a job from anyone who would hire me. (Which turned out to be FedEx Express at the airport working split shifts). In order to remain on CRM you have to remain active and while trying to work and provide for a family this can be quite hard! We turned to food stamps, food banks, toys for tots for Christmas, and the blessed help from friends, church, and family. Had I not had a circuit visitor and a district president looking out for me and actively giving my name out, I would not be in the wonderful parish I am now serving in tending to God’s people and to those on the nearby military bases. CRM can truly feel like hell! I am glad to hear of any support for these pastors! They need it! Thank you again Ken for sticking your neck out and helping here!

  6. Is there a place where you can get a list of CRM status men ready for a call to give to congregations in need?

  7. Dear BJS Bloggers,

    I appreciate this work of care by Pastor Kelly and others, since I was on CRM status twice.

    First time in 1990, because I had completed doctoral residency, and was awaiting a call. I completed my paperwork and made multiple notifications far in advance. A call did not come until six months later, because at that time my district president was teaching at a seminary in Africa.

    Second time in 2008-09, because I was terminated at CHI–with no cause given, and no assistance given to find a call. Taking weekend “supply preaching” jobs is what finally brought me to my current parish, with some help from friends, but no help from official LCMS that I have ever been aware of.

    So, I have great sympathy for our pastors and other church-workers who are on CRM, as well as those who are under attack by antagonists in their congregation and holding onto their call with persistence and prayer.

    I want to let you all know that something BIG changed in 2013 in this area of the administration of calls. That was when President Harrison did not renew the terms of three members of the Commission on Constitutional Matters (CCM), but put in three brand-new persons. To my knowledge, now all members of the CCM are fair-minded persons.

    What does this mean? Since the creation of the Dispute Resolution System and Adjudication system in 1992, the CCM has served as a final court of appeal. Its judgments in cases cannot be appealed or overturned. Until 2013, the CCM was the handmaiden of the Council of Presidents.

    Since 2013, we have a more independent and fair-minded judiciary, at that level, and the District Presidents know that. The district presidents know that their decisions can be reviewed by the CCM, and it will now not always be in their favor. Whereas from 1992 to 2013 it was almost always biased to favor the district president. That means fairer judgments at the district president’s level.

    We can thank President Harrison for making wise choices for the CCM–they really are the most knowledgeable, fair-minded and experienced guys that I know in the synod for this type of work.

    Can we do better in preventing CRM situations? Certainly. Can we be speedier in getting men and women who are mobile out of such situations? Definitely. Can we improve the expectations of both called workers and congregations in their work together, so that such work is a joy instead of a drudgery or source of conflict? Absolutely. There is still work to do in this area.

    The CCM change is another reason to say that, under the Harrison Administration, we are making progress. . . .

    Yours in Christ, Martin R. Noland

  8. @Pastor Dave Likeness #4

    So the District paid his expenses to take a course on becoming an
    LCMS chaplain to seniors in nursing homes. He then served 30 years
    as a chaplain and was happy and fulfilled after 4 years in the parish.

    If all districts worked like that everyone would be better off!
    Thanks for telling us!

  9. Helen, as a former Circuit Counselor for 13 years, it is my opinion that
    the Districts are the key to the CRM surplus. If each District was
    seriously working to alleviate this concern, then the numbers of CRM
    would go down. The District President must be pro-active on this.

  10. @Pastor Dave Likeness #11

    If each District was seriously working to alleviate this concern, then the numbers of CRM would go down.

    I agree with that 100%! [Many of the men might not get to CRM, if District cared about avoiding it.] And the “former CC” a few miles east of here would agree, too, I think. He tried. As far as I could see, he got no district support.

  11. According to the title, we are a little off track here. Not unusual, when someone suggests reaching for our wallets! There seems to be something else to talk about!

    Let’s give Pr. Kelly a little help, and if you know a Pastor nearer to your hand, well, then, it’s your hand that should be reaching out there, too.

  12. Here is part of the CRM problem, true transparency. I helped a man on (leave it at that) and was burned bad, real bad.

    We need a true list and how we can help, not sending monies to a place and person to pass on.

    Yet the list will never occur, the pastoral masses that is; only the DP’s know for sure.

  13. Fr. Prentice –

    FYI – K2 does not work that way. You want to help? Contact Fr. Kelly and ask him for the name of a poor sap on the dole. Call the sap, find out about what happened and what needs to be done, and write your check. A bureaucracy encroaching on a percentage of the bucks for managing matters, makes your help worth less.

  14. The source of the problem of the removal of Pastors from their Calls falls into the foundation of each of the responsible church’s. (Eph2:19) the members are thinking like Nicodemus ” How can a man be born when he is old? Can he enter his mother’s womb and be born again?”(John3:4) in a sociological way. Human reason not Spiritual”now we have not received the spirit of this world, but the Spirit who is from God, that we might understand the things freely given us by God.”
    The District Presidents instead of being an advisor for the church. Have become involved in their district like a governor of a state. And the churches are lead to believe they must have the DPs direction and not the Word of God. Sola Scriptura!
    Herman Sasse in his book,’Letters to Lutheran Pastor,’ Vol 1 of.(183-199) ‘ On the Rights and Limitations of the INDIVIDUAL Congregation’ is an excellent read for all churches and Pastors who are Scripture Norm of norms quia BoC the Confessions. And who are displaying and Incorporate in the LCMS Logo.

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