Concordia Texas Decides to Opt out of LCMS Control

See the letter. Not sure how an entity like this can just decide to not abide by the Synod’s governance structure, but here it is.

This reminds me of the lawless process they used years ago to select a new president… (it was allowed to happen then, so no surprise they continue with the same playbook).

A reminder – Both Concordia-Wisconsin and Concordia-Texas were officially visited by Synod officials last Spring out of concern for what is being taught and practiced in those universities. Reports from those visitations are said to exist but the Synod has not seen them.

5 thoughts on “Concordia Texas Decides to Opt out of LCMS Control

  1. As a 2003 alumnus of the institution, I can attest to the steady drift away from Lutheran doctrine and practice at Concordia in Austin. It began years before that and is bound to continue. In their letter that was sent out yesterday, they indicate that they intend to remain “aligned” with the LCMS. I am almost certain that this is “alignment” will fade away much as the “interim” descriptor magically disappeared from their current president’s title years ago after he was chosen in a process that violated synodical bylaws.
    Who retains the physical property that CTX sits on? Does it not belong to the synod right now?

  2. How is this even possible? Are they not subject to the Synod’s Bylaws and Constitution? Who owns the property?

  3. Let them pay the Synod for the land and facilities and let them go as long as they no longer claim any affiliation with the LCMS. What we need is to retain RF and Seward for the preparations of church-workers only. The rest can go away as they wish. Then we need to adequately financially support the four schools we have (2 seminaries and 2 other church workers institutions.

  4. It is my understanding that three of the members of he
    BOR resigned from the board having opposed this move. One that I know of has been asked to return by Mundinger of CUS. That individual has indicated that he will never return as long as Don Christian continues to serve as CUT President.

  5. Synod does not own the land and facilities of Concordia Texas. And it is called CTX, not CUT.

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