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It’s with great joy that I get to announce that the Lutheran Liturgy site is back. This has been a treasure of information for those Lutherans who want to find confessional, liturgical congregations to attend when they move or are vacationing in a given area of the country. Go to their site and check it out.

Here is a sample listing (of my own parish):

Since the site had not been updated in a good while, the administrators (Rev. Gary Gehlbach and his team) are asking for everyone to resubmit their current congregational information. They are also wisely requiring a renewal each year to keep information up to date.

Over the years, Steadfast Lutherans was helping manage and host a lot of different sites for Confessional Lutherans. Norm Fisher was the main cause of that great effort. In the past year we have been seeking to make sure that the original owners of those sites got a chance to take back full control of those sites. We want to thank Rev. Gehlbach for putting this work back into the site of his creation and wish it to be even more successful than previously.

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  1. I have tried to get the website to work and it will not list any churches in Texas.

  2. Linda, the site just went live last night. Congregations have been submitting their information late yesterday and today. If you try again this evening, you will see many more congregations on the site. It will probably continue to grow rapidly over the next couple of weeks, and then stabilize.

  3. Thanks! I listed my congregation there years ago. Now I’ve updated it.

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