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26 February Anno Domini 2019

Greetings Redeemed,

In December of last year, reached its 20th anniversary of existence. It was set up and designed as resource and devotional site for visitors, pastors, missionaries, vicars, parishioners, teachers, chaplains, parents, home-schoolers, seminarians and congregations throughout the world. It has provided free written resources that have been downloaded in all continents (including Antarctica) and in many, many nations. The scholia site has been accessed countless times. I sincerely thank Pastor Tim Pauls, not only for his scholarly work and pastoral contributions of content but also for carrying on with this website for some 5-10 years now.

Please continue to visit and recommend it:

Now the next step is underway. This letter announces the beginning of a new website providing free scholia audio resources. Included are, and will be more, audio recordings of various writings, treatises, hymnal music, devotions, sermons, etc. by Luther, Walther, Gerhard, Zorn, Kuegele, and others, including yours truly. I thank Pastor Evan Goeglein and Faith Lutheran Church here in Rogue River for allowing me to provide the scholia audio resources from their website. There are many audio files now available for direct listening and/or for downloading. You can access scholia audio at and using the scholia audio tab.

If I might direct your attention to one particular work, Preparing for Death — The Holy Art of Dying, written by Pastor Martin Moller (1547-1606). It was translated by Pastor Arthur Schulz in 1974. Pastor Schulz has graciously allowed me to audio-record the book and make it available for any and for all. So please take a listen for yourself … and pass it along to anyone for whom it might be applicable and beneficial. (There are also a couple of bulletin inserts that you may download and use.) You may access the Moller audiobook as noted above or at:

Please pass this letter on to all who may be interested in these audio recordings.

So shall My Word be that goes forth from My mouth; it shall not return to Me empty, but it shall accomplish that which I purpose, and prosper in the thing for which I sent it (Isaiah 55:11).

May it continue to be so in the Name of the LORD our God.

Rev. Michael L. McCoy, Pastor Emeritus [email protected] Faith Lutheran Church, Rogue River, Oregon [email protected]

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