Listening to the Scriptures in a little over 40 (week)days

Last year, a fellow clergyman mentioned on social media the practice of listening to the Scriptures during the season of Lent. I took up this challenge (a day late — beginning the Thursday morning after Ash Wednesday) and found it to be a very beneficial Lenten discipline.

Adhering to this schedule, however, I did find it particularly challenging at times, what with the additional pastoral responsibilities that take place during Lent and Holy Week. (Let the reader understand.) This year I decided to extend my listening schedule to include the Pre-Lent season, and offer myself Saturdays as “catch–up” days and Sundays as days to focus my meditation upon the prescribed lectionary readings of the day.

I invite you to join me this year in listening to the Holy Scriptures during Lent (and Pre-Lent). Here is my listening schedule for this year. Feel free to use or modify this schedule as you wish.

There are many different ways to listen to the Scriptures. I personally use Audible and listen to the NKJV Voice Only Audio Bible narrated by Bob Souer. I would suggest listening to a non-dramatized version, as opposed to a dramatized one, in order that you can focus purely on the Word of God (without the audio distractions that dramatized versions contain). The choice, ultimately, is yours; the important thing is to pick a version and stick with it through the end. Perhaps next year (or sooner), you’ll try a different version.

God bless your listening and your various Lenten disciplines.

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