Mountain West Young Adult Retreat – The Herring Barrel for Lutherans

Editor’s Note:  This is a last minute opportunity for folks to come!  It’s called “Herring Barrel” after the story that Katie von Bora was smuggled out of her convent in an empty herring barrel.  To find a godly spouse is one of the greatest gifts in this life.  Please consider coming to be a part of this event.  To download an informational sheet about this click here.


A retreat for Lutherans 18-30 years old

(you can be single, dating, engaged, married – all are welcome)

When: January 5-7, 2018


Where: St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church and Campus Center

Laramie, WY

Topics: Celibacy, Finding a Spouse, Living in the Grace of God


Speakers: Rev. John Hill, Rev. Joshua Hayes, Rev. Mark Preus

Activities: Banquet, cross country skiing, bowling, swing dancing

Cost: $35 (bring to event)

Registration is required!   Register online at

Why you should go:  Because it’s hard to find young Lutherans, it’s good to be around other Lutherans, and it’s good to learn about being a Lutheran.  You will learn, meet good people, and have fun.

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