CPH has sold 118,000 of these – have you bought any yet?

Concordia Publishing House let me know today that they have sold 118,000 copies of the newest version of a tract-like Small Catechism.  Congregations are using them in evangelism.  Visitors and community members are receiving them and reading them to find out what the Bible teaches – simplified in a concise form – but not minimizing the truth of God’s Word in any respect.  “A Simple Explanation of Christianity” demonstrates the greatness of the witness of the Small Catechism.  We don’t need a new statement or confession, we have one that is meant for young and old – the Small Catechism.  Anyone who claims that Lutherans are not interested in evangelism has never understood the value of the Small Catechism or has simply rejected it’s value.  May it not be so among those bearing the name Lutheran.

Thanks to CPH for making this resource available.

To get yours, click here.


In the comments, feel free to share how you and your congregation are using this resource.

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