Hymn for the Presentation of the Augsburg Confession (by Pr. Charles Henrickson)

This year, the 500th anniversary year of the Lutheran Reformation (1517), the commemoration of the Presentation of the Augsburg Confession (1530), June 25, falls on a Sunday. Here is a hymn I wrote that is appropriate for the occasion (or for Reformation Day). If you would like to use it in your service (with proper attribution), email me ([email protected]), and I can send you an email attachment with a bulletin insert to be printed out.

A Lonely Monk, Now Long Ago

A lonely monk, now long ago,
Nailed truth upon a door;
The echoes of that hammer blow
Rang out to many more.
And when he spoke his “Here I stand,”
Although he could be slain,
Throughout the realm a growing band
Soon followed in his train.

Confessors, princes, duty bound,
To Augsburg bold they came;
Before the king they stood their ground
And were not put to shame.
Their good confession made that day
Proved not to be in vain;
Gird us their sons, Lord, that we may
Still follow in their train.

With confidence in Christ alone,
Our faith we will confess;
For Jesus’ death made us His own,
And now He lives to bless.
Our Savior leads us heavenward,
Eternal life to gain;
Confessing truth that we have heard,
We follow in His train!

For Reformation Day or Presentation of the Augsburg Confession

Text: Charles Henrickson, © 2012
Tune: All Saints New (LSB 661, 678)

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