Christ and The Church Marriage Devotion is Now Available

I’ve already written a review of this magnificent devotion here.

It is now available through Lulu in its final form for only $4.37. 

Here’s the description from Lulu:

“Christ and the Church” is a thirty-day devotional book for husbands and wives. It presents the commands and promises of God, calls to repentance and faith, follows the pattern of the Word of God and prayer, and offers practical suggestions according to what the Scriptures say about Christ and the Church in their union. Each day includes a writing on a particular aspect of marriage, a talking point, a prayer, and an activity. While written for husbands and wives, this book could easily be adapted to serve as a resource for premarital instruction.

“Rev. Andrew Richard has put together a gift for the church. As fewer people speak about marriage in Scriptural ways, these devotions hearken back to traditional terms and once common Christian understandings. The language and writing is very approachable, the excerpts from the early church are real gems, and including hymnody helps this to be an ongoing resource for those married as well as those in preparation.” – Deaconess Mary J. Moerbe


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