A Poem on Revelation 20

A thousand years is longer than
The calendars of mortal men;
When faith beholds a three-year trial,
She hears of Christ’s “A little while.”

The devil can alone be bound
By what is in the Scriptures found,
The preaching of the reign of Him
Who crushed that head that gave us sin.

And by this word shall faith arise,
And when a faithful Christian dies,
He still shall live and judge and reign
While unbelievers dead remain.

The devil can’t deceive the hearts
Of those to whom God faith imparts;
But he will have the shorter days
When itching ears will have their ways.

A thousand years for martyr pain,
Complete their crown, complete their reign;
As we from earth Christ’s praises sing
So from their thrones our anthems ring;

For they are priests and kings with us,
Who claim the LORD our Righteousness
As King, whose all authority
Is preached to set all nations free.

A while will still the beast oppress
All who by grace the faith confess,
And on the beast shall Jezebel
Spew forth works-righteous words of hell.

And those who have not trusted in
What men call good, what God calls sin,
Who have not loved their lives to death
Shall see their victory by faith.

So when the thousand years will end,
And nations to the Liars bend,
And hard around the Church they press,
And earth groans her last great distress,

Then down from heaven fire shall come,
When books uncover all we’ve done,
And in the devil’s lake of pain
Sin, death, and hell will all remain.

But from one book shall sound each name
That in Christ’s blood was cleansed from blame:
So shall on all of God’s elect
The second death have no effect.

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