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Dr. John Warwick Montgomery, Distinguished Research Professor of Philosophy at Concordia University Wisconsin and Dr. Jeffrey John Kloha, Provost and Professor of Exegetical Theology at Concordia Seminary, Saint Louis, will conduct a debate about the philosophies of Biblical textual criticism on Saturday, October 15th, 2016 at Concordia University-Chicago in River Forest, Illinois.

We’ve heard from several locations around the country where people are gathering to watch the debate .. it will be livestreamed; here is a link that will work then:


From Pr. Martin Noland:

If you want to prepare yourself for the debate, and are not up to reading a standard text on the subject (e.g., Bruce Metzger, The Text of the New Testament [Oxford University Press]), then I suggest that you read the relatively brief treatments at Wikipedia here:

Textual criticism of the New Testament (specific application of the general discipline to the New Testament)

List of major textual variants in the New Testament (gives you an idea of the type of variants found in the evidence)

Textual Variants in the New Testament (a longer list of the same type of thing)

Categories of New Testament Manuscripts (explanation of the “text types” in the New Testament)

If you read through these five Wikipedia articles, you should have sufficient knowledge of terms and ideas to understand the upcoming debate–at least in terms of the issues in textual criticism. As to the matter of the Lutheran doctrine of Scripture, that is an entirely different matter, and Wikipedia won’t help there.


Other posts on the debate can be found here.


Steadfast Lutherans is proud to be a co-sponsor for the debate.  After the debate has happened we will have the video archived.  An official transcription of the debate will also be made available.

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