The ‘Cross-dressing’ of Words

lipstick-on-a-pig-1024x835-300x244Cross-dressing is defined as wearing the clothing typical of the opposite sex. It is a man wearing a dress and high heels or a woman dressed like a soldier for combat. Cross-dressing doesn’t change the reality of God’s creation of the sexes, male and female, along with their equally valuable, but very distinct roles. You can put lipstick on a pig and it is still a pig. Calling the birds of the air creeping things or night day doesn’t make it so. God speaks reality. One cannot change reality by trying to conceal it with lipstick or with erroneous adjectives.

Words can correctly describe reality, but they can also attempt to conceal reality. When two men say they are “married” that isn’t the reality. Marriage is the lifelong union between one man and one woman. Even if one of the men dresses like woman, that doesn’t make him a “woman”, “wife” or “suitable helpmeet made from man for man.” God created them male and female; first, Adam from the dust; second, Eve from Adam. It is not good for man to be alone. God creates reality and He uses words to describe reality (Gen. 1-3).

Christians must be careful how we use words in a culture that denies God’s Word and tries to conceal the reality of sin with the ‘cross-dressing’ of words. The LGBT world says “marriage” when it isn’t marriage. It also commands that you call Adam Eve, when Adam is still Adam, despite the mutilation or concealing Adam has done.  Therefore, a Christian should not refer to sodomites as “married” nor to a cross-dressing man by his preferred female name. That would be a sinful confession contrary to reality and God’s unchanging Word. It would be calling Baal God. What the One True God says is true. Out of love, Christians should say, “Adam, repent of desiring to be Eve in thought, word, and deed.” Yes, lovingly call him to repentance, don’t confirm and share in his sin by calling him something he isn’t, and something forbidden by God (Romans 1). Don’t call Baal God.

Yes, there is no shortage of the ‘cross-dressing’ of words in our God-hating culture: The world says a woman can be a pastor, but God lovingly says, no, impossible, only some suitable men (I Tim. 3). Therefore, a Christian should never condone rebellion against God’s Word and reality by saying, “Pastor Eve.” There is no such reality as a pregnant man or a woman pastor. The dying world defines “love” as tolerance; Christians must fight against such ‘cross-dressing’ of words. The world defines “liberty” as “doing whatever you want”. Christians must fight against such fiction.

What the world is trying to conceal is the reality of sin by covering it by changing God’s Word. Chocolate is not sinfully good, and it isn’t a sin to not eat organic food. It is sinful to reject God’s gift of sexuality. Homosexuality is sinful. It is sinful for a man to wish to be a woman, even if he doesn’t show his sin and shame by putting on a dress and lipstick. It is sinful for a woman to covet the roles of men, like pastor, head of household, president, or soldier. It is sinful for a man to wish to be a mother. God has created men and women uniquely for different purposes. God doesn’t describe such things listed above as, “disorders, mental illness, gender dysphoria, addiction, or an ism”; these things are sinful. Yes, the world says, “Victim of alcoholism, binge eating disorder, or suffers from anxiety.” God says, “The sins of drunkenness, gluttony, and not trusting God above all things.”

Christians, don’t be duped by the world, the devil, and your sinful flesh. Don’t aid others in condoning and covering sin with how you use your words. Lovingly call sin sin. God’s Law doesn’t change and it is for our good. It curbs the world, shows our sin, and guides our Christian lives. God exposes and brings our inbred sin to light for the sake of the Gospel. Don’t answer the cross-dressing of sin and words with compromise and concession, but with compassionate condemnation followed by the cross. Jesus came to die for our sin and sins. He is the Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world. If everything becomes acceptable in our eyes or is only a disorder and not a sin, why do we need a Savior? God desires that we confess our sins, receive forgiveness, and live godly lives in word and deed. By God’s grace, may we continue to correctly confess His Law and Cross to a crossed-up world.

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