Montgomery-Kloha Debate to be livestreamed. Stay tuned for more information.

bibleconferenceFirst of all, thanks to the Lutheran Concerns Association for heading up the organization of this debate.  Thanks to Dr. Montgomery and Dr. Kloha for agreeing to do it.  The other co-sponsoring groups also for their support of the event (Balance-Concord, Inc., The Association of Confessing Evangelical Lutheran Congregations, Minnesota North Confessional Lutherans, and Texas Confessional Lutherans).  Concordia University Chicago also deserves much thanks for hosting this event.

Because the roots of the Brothers of John the Steadfast include a strong emphasis on new media for Confessional Lutheranism, we have worked with Concordia Chicago, LCA, and the other co-sponsors to provide a streaming video of the debate.  We will have further information on our site or the co-sponsors will also have the information as well.  After the debate we will also plan on making the video available for all to view on our YouTube channel.

This debate promises to be a great event which will hopefully provide the opportunity for clarification between the two Doctors of the Church and for both to make the right confession of the true teaching on the inspiration, inerrancy, and clarity of Holy Scripture.  This should serve as a good example and possibly be a motivation for more of these sorts of disputations on points of theology to be held.  We all know how poorly other venues serve for rigorous theological debate.

For more information on the debate, see our previous post.



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