Convention 2016: Synod Convention Update, a helpful resource on resolutions (by Pr. Charles Henrickson)

2016-LCMS-Convention-Logo-1024x684-300x200Before each of the last two LCMS national conventions (2010 and 2013) I wrote in-depth, detailed analyses of all the proposed resolutions coming before the convention, and I posted those articles here on BJS. This time I haven’t done that, since I just haven’t had time. Fortunately, though, there is a helpful resource available that evaluates the Proposed Resolutions in Today’s Business. It’s called Synod Convention Update, and there is a website, with a Resolutions Guide, and a Facebook page:

2016 LCMS Convention Update (
Synod Convention Resolutions Guide
2016 Synod Convention Update (

Delegates can even sign up to receive email updates as the convention goes along.

There are some important issues coming before this convention, e.g., Licensed Lay Deacons, SMP, and Dispute Resolution. The floor committees that President Harrison appointed generally have done a good job in the resolutions they are proposing. So as a delegate my “default mode” will be to support what the floor committees bring forward. But the Synod Convention Update will be a helpful resource in evaluating resolutions. I encourage my fellow delegates to check it out, make it a “favorite,” and sign up for email updates.

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