Vote Collar – A Top 15 List



The Top 15 Reasons Why I’m Voting for Matt Harrison for LCMS President

15. He’s evangelical and catholic.

14. He wears a clerical collar – because he has a high view the Office of the Holy Ministry without being a sacerdotalist.

13. He’s a theologian of the cross.

12. Who else would jokingly say: “As a synodical bureaucrat, I am, after all, deeply and profoundly shallow.”

11. He translates NT Greek on the fly during interviews.

10. He understands Anfechtung.

9. He answers the question.

8. Because I love how he says “splachna.”

7. He’s got a kneeler in his office.

6. He puts up with all our bellyaching.

5. He’ll keep your secret.

4. He understands liturgy and hymnody as a timeless treasure, not a curious German relic from our past.

3. He thinks doctrine and practice go together.

2. Because of that fabulous ‘stache!

And the number one reason that I’m voting for Matt Harrison for LCMS President:

1. He oozes Gospel.

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