The Natural Progression of Human Institutions by District President Terry Forke


Editor’s Note – Included below are some excellent thinking and discussion points for the clergy and laity of the Lutheran Church –  Missouri Synod.  They actually apply to all human institutions, not just the human institution of synod.

The Natural Progression of Human Institutions

Why You Should Keep an Eye on the Synodical Union

by Rev. Terry Forke, District President, Montana District


Theory – Every human institution will seek to make itself essential to its constituents.

Corollary # 1  Human institutions will seek to make themselves essential by assuming an increasing number of responsibilities that had previously been accomplished by the constituents themselves.

Corollary # 2  The attempt to remain essential by assuming more responsibilities will drive administrative expenditures of human institutions to increase to the point that they impede the mission.

Corollary # 3  The accretion of duties and the drive for self-preservation will cause the authoritative documents of every human institution to grow in length and degree of detail to the point that they impede the mission.

Corollary # 4 Early in their existence, human institutions will be focused on their stated mission, but a larger percentage in the duration of their existence will be focused on the survival of the institution.

Corollary # 5 The drive for survival will cause every human institution to compromise its original confession.


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