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SteadfastLutherans has developed a new website since the first issue of Today’s Business came out which contains the resolutions that will be put before the convention in July.

This website is The website has all the resolutions, a link to the reports or overtures that the floor committee used to develop the resolution, and a place for you to express your opinion on the resolutions. There is a search option where you can search for words found within the resolutions. Thanks to Tim Wood who I’m sure you are aware of from his other posts on SteadfastLutherans, each resolution has a scoring system set up to help you evaluate the resolutions.

This site will be useful to both delegates and others interested in the convention who see this mass of resolutions and are trying to figure out what it all means. This will help you to better understand what’s coming before our church at this convention and help you in talking with your delegates.

If talking on your blog or on facebook about these resolutions, we’ve made it simple to link directly to the resolution by including include the resolution number in the link, e.g. with take the person directly to resolution 4 from floor committee 12.

Feel free to respond here if you have any questions about the site or the process. Steadfast Lutherans intends to help you understand what happens at our conventions.

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