Just the Facts, Ma’am: Ordain Women Now Post Public Support for Rev. Dr. Matthew Becker

Just the facts ma amUnless you’ve been on a trip to the moon recently, you are no doubt aware of a movement by some who seek to push the LCMS towards the theology and confession of the ELCA. The movement calls itself Ordain Women Now (OWN). OWN proclaims its purpose as follows:

“Our mission is to promote an open discussion within the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod about the ordination of women and to advocate for the same.” (https://www.ordainwomennow.com/about/)

It appears that part of the “discussion” involves the unqualified support for Rev. Dr. Matthew Becker. Here’s what OWN says:

A Statement of Support for the Rev. Dr. Matthew Becker

“We at Ordain Women Now wish to express our support for the Rev. Dr. Matthew Becker who has recently been placed at the center of heated controversy within the Synod. In his role as LCMS clergy and in his work as a University Professor, Rev. Becker has consistently taken a strong stance in support of women. He has spoken out when many others, whether out of fear or apathy, have neglected to do so. In this endeavor his commitment to scripture has never wavered and we believe that he has sought to encourage both study and discussion of God’s word in a loving, patient and Christ-like manner. We are deeply grateful for his commitment to justice for all people, and we thank God for his ministry among us. Please join us in support and thankfulness for this faithful pastor and teacher.” (https://www.ordainwomennow.com/)

Notice that OWN indicates that Rev. Dr. Becker “has consistently taken a strong stance in support of women.” This statement by OWN begs the question……….How can Rev.Dr. Becker take a strong stance in support of women when he leads them away from pure doctrine?

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