Great Stuff — Wilhelm Loehe on Child/Infant Communion

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loeheThe following excerpt in translation is drawn from Wilhelm Loehe’s “Neuendettelsau Letters.” The letters were published in 1858 to explain and defend some of Loehe’s practices, chief among them the way he practiced confession in Neuendettelsau. Translated is only an excerpt relevant to the question of child/infant communion. It may be noted that the letters have no addressee. The appearance of one is a rhetorical device. The excerpt is drawn from Wilhelm Loehe. Gesammelte Werke v.3,1, pp 226–228. The bold print in the translation reflects that printing. – Jacob Corzine, 10 October 2014.

Upon all of this and as the occasion allows it, I shall also touch on a concern which you have expressed. You connect the confession of children to the communion of children and deduce the latter from the former. You suggest that they have equal warrant, and you assume that I, in my heart, am as much in favor of the communion of children as of the confession of children. And I gladly concede to you that a conclusion in favor of the communion of children can be made on the basis of the confession of children. You also know yourself how much the church, carrying out pastoral care and administering the sacrament, was also moved in ancient times by the question of the communion of children, as well as in how many places and regions the communion of children was a common practice, even as it still is today in the Greek church. …more

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