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BOCcoverOne of BJS’ goals is to encourage more laity to be familiar with and/or read the Book of Concord. One way we can all do this is when we refer to something out of the BoC, add a link to it so the casual reader can more easily look up the quoted passage in context. Perhaps they might be then encouraged to either dust off their copy of the BoC and start reading it, OR actually purchase one for themselves. At the least perhaps they’ll talk with their pastor about it and perhaps another BoC reading group will be started.

Several years ago I set up a website, (BoC Link) to allow easy access to the Book of Concord that is posted online at website When writing in your blogs or even in email, simply link to (for example) to link to article 3 of the small catechism. Go to for other examples.
Note that it’s, then a question mark, then the book name, article number, and paragraph number separated by plus signs.

Here are some other examples:   Smalcald Articles, Part 3, Article II, paragraph 3   Augsburg Confession Article II   Augsburg Confession, Article XX, Paragraph 4   Apology of the AC, Article IV, Paragraph 119   Epitome, Article V, paragraph 8   Large Catechism, Part 5, Paragraph 32   Smalcald Articles, Part III, Article I, Paragraph 6   Small Catechism, Part III, Paragraph 5   Treatise, Paragraph 5

You can see other special links by going to website

If you write your own blog, please include these links to help your readers find the beauty of our lutheran confessions!


Note that if you want to get more into the Book of Concord yourself you can get the daily reading emailed or tweeted to you each day at

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