The Devil Has a Rolodex of our Sin.

addresses_cartoons_182491_tnbGod knows my sin. He knows how corrupt my heart is. God sees the sins that most in the world would deem “little” and the big nasty sins of my past. God knows my sin. God knows my sin so well he sent his son, Jesus Christ to take all my sins to the cross. He does not want me to give into sin but fight against it. The Holy Spirit comes daily to strengthen me and help me fight my sin. The Word of God is my weapon of truth which declares me not guilty because of Jesus Christ. God knows my sin. Through the preaching and teaching of the law even I know my sin. My human brain can’t understand the deepness of my corruption. God shows us great mercy in this manner as the knowledge of total corruption would surely lead many into deep despair. The law is written on our hearts to bring us to repentance and faith alone in Jesus Christ. God knows our sins but because of Jesus Christ he isn’t keeping track.

The devil on the other hand is keeping track. He remembers when I was a kid and disobeyed my parents. He remembers when I was a teenager and would go out with friends at night to wreak havoc on the streets of my hometown. He remembers my college years when I fell deep into sin. He enjoyed watching me live for myself and my sinful pleasures. The church and the Gospel of Jesus Christ were nowhere to be seen in my life. My college years were the easiest years for him. I was not fighting him and telling him where to go. I was not proclaiming “I’m baptized into Christ!” I was not hearing the Word of God which shows me my sin and teaches me of the forgiveness I have in Jesus. I was not eating and drinking the true body and blood of Jesus for the forgiveness of sins and strengthening of my faith. Now things are a little more difficult on him but he still doesn’t have to work too hard.

The devil’s knowledge of our sin is so great that he easily tempts and teases us with past, present and even future sins. The devil knows sin, how to minimize it and how to emphasize it. He uses the same old tricks, lies and deception to bring baptized Christians fear and worry. He goes back to our rolodex of sin. “What can I tempt Nathan with today?” “If lusting after women won’t get him then worrying about his health sure will.” “What about coveting his neighbor’s house or car maybe?” “Nathan – Jesus Christ can’t cover all those sinful thoughts in your head.” In this fallen sinful world, I will always be an easy target for the devil. My sinful flesh wants to keep doing what I do best, sin. I sometimes think the devil sees believers in Jesus as a challenge or the ones that got away. He kicks it up a notch and brings out his best tricks. While the devil still tempts me with more cunning and ingenuity, I don’t need his help to sin. We are all sinners till the day we die, with or without the devils constant interference.

The problem the devil has now and forever is he has nothing to say against Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ was tempted by him. Jesus Christ was without sin and the devil hates it. The devil sits at his desk looking at Jesus’ empty rolodex and steams. It pisses him off. It pisses him off even more knowing the fact that your rolodex of sin is now empty because of Jesus Christ. Nathan Redman’s rolodex says Jesus Christ. Your rolodex says Jesus Christ. The devil will continue to attack us all but those attacks have no foundation or merit. Our foundation and merit are based solely in Jesus Christ. The devil can lie and tempt all he wants; we are baptized, forgiven children of God because of our Savior Jesus Christ. All the corrupt work of the devil can’t change that fact. So the next time the devil tempts and lies to you about your sin just remember whose rolodex of sin our salvation is based on. The devil can take your rolodex back to Office Depot for a refund because the grace of God in Jesus Christ declares us not guilty.

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