ACELC — If Not Now, When?

“I will also speak of your testimonies before kings and shall not be put to shame” Psalm 119:46

ACELCSeveral years ago, now LCMS President Matthew Harrison authored a paper entitled “It’s Time.” Appealing to Scripture, the Lutheran Confessions, and our Lutheran fathers, he outlined the strengths and beauty of Lutheranism, as well as the challenges we face today. He boldly called for a grass roots effort to identify these challenges and to offer meaningful ways to bring about true Koinonia in our midst. In answering that call, the ACELC was formed.

Since that time we have identified 10 of what we believe to be the most serious errors in the LCMS, as well as supporting documents and study guides. In addition, we have hosted four “Free Conferences” to address these errors in more detail, all with a goal of Koinonia.

In order for our goal to be realized and for more people to be aware of our work, two years ago we began the “ACELC Film Project.” I am happy to report that after much hard work and many generous contributions, the project is now a reality. With great joy, I invite and encourage you to view the fruit of our efforts. I pray that it will dispel many of the myths about the ACELC and open your eyes for the need for our ongoing efforts. The links to view the film are listed at the bottom of this e-mail.

“If Not Now, When?” is available in a number of different formats to allow you to view it in whole or in parts, and two study guides are currently available with several more in the works. DVDs will soon be available as well.

Please take a few moments to view our film. Use it for personal or congregational study. Show it during Bible Study time, in elder’s meetings, pastor gatherings, or wherever you think it might be helpful. I trust that you will find it thought provoking and at times challenging. I pray that you will find it faithful and God-pleasing.

In Christ,
Rev. Clint K. Poppe
Chairman, ACELC


“If Not Now, When?” (Full 68 Minute Video)


“If Not Now, When?” (Part One – Approx. 34 Minutes)


“If Not Now, When?” (Part Two – Approx. 34 Minutes)



The study guides will be posted within the next few days on our Website under the tab “ACELC Film Project

Note: While the Board of Directors of the ACELC has reviewed and approved the content of this message, it does not necessarily reflect the position of the ACELC member congregations.

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