IDTIMWYTIM: Fake Hymns: L. Cohen’s “Hallelujah”

A devout observant Jew, who began studying Zen in 1970, became a Zen Buddhist monk in 1996. In 1984 he wrote and released one of the most covered and widely loved pop-songs in history: “Hallelujah.”

GenuineIt is simple, powerful, and visceral.

It has references to Scripture–or at least appears to, and even refers to “the holy dove.” Most importantly it says “Hallelujah” lots and lots of times.

Hundreds of Christian artists have covered this song as if it were a Christian hymn. The letters IDTIMWYTIM mean “I don’t think it means what you think it means.”

The reference to “the holy dove” in the song is made in reference to innuendo about sexual pleasure.

And remember when I moved in you
The holy dove was moving too
And every breath we drew was Hallelujah

The song itself is about a love/sex relationship that is being destroyed by the couple. The references to Scripture are to similar situations with David and Bathsheba, Sampson and Delilah. The references, however, are either confused or poetically reinterpreted. Cohen makes it sound like David had his hair cut by a woman who betrayed him, or perhaps it is the song’s narrator who is tied up by his lover:

You saw her bathing on the roof
Her beauty in the moonlight overthrew you
She tied you to a kitchen chair
She broke your throne, and she cut your hair
And from your lips she drew the Hallelujah

The word Hallelujah “Praise the Lord” is used here as a double entendre.

The song itself promotes an Agnostic view of God

Maybe there’s a God above
But all I’ve ever learned from love
Was how to shoot at someone who outdrew you
It’s not a cry you can hear at night
It’s not somebody who has seen the light
It’s a cold and it’s a broken Hallelujah

The Agnostic argument continues to the next verse, where the notion of religious belief is relegated to a personal issue.

You say I took the name in vain
I don’t even know the name
But if I did, well, really, what’s it to you?
There’s a blaze of light in every word
It doesn’t matter which you heard
The holy or the broken Hallelujah

And yet, somehow the song’s narrator hopes to stand before some kind of god at the end. Cohen calls him the “Lord of Song.” One of the implications is that the tragic sorrow filled broken love lives of people are merely the lyrics of the song written by this “Lord of Song.”

I did my best, it wasn’t much
I couldn’t feel, so I tried to touch
I’ve told the truth, I didn’t come to fool you
And even though it all went wrong
I’ll stand before the Lord of Song
With nothing on my tongue but Hallelujah

Followed by 17 Hallelujahs.

Cohen certainly has produced a memorable song. And it appears from the list of cover artists, that anybody can bring their theology or interpretation to the song without ruining the song.

Sure, some of the Christian artists cut out the “naughty bits” or most of them… and maybe even add their own verses.

But isn’t that a blatant admission that the song itself is not really a Biblical Christian Hymn?

I want to hear this song, but in the right setting. It belongs at a dance at the tail end of the second set, or just before the musicians take their last break for the night. When the kids are sleeping on coats on the benches beside the dance floor. When I can look into my wife’s eyes and be thankful that the song isn’t about our relationship.

I don’t want ever to hear it in Church.

Gang, it isn’t a Christian hymn, so, please, don’t pretend it is. You end up making the Atheists giggle.

List of some of the covers of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah (Data from

Artist Album Published
Abel, Richard Elegancia (DVD) USA 2009
Abendsterne der Junge Chor Colours of your life Germany 2012
Acappology Long time coming USA 2008
Acho, Steve Covers unconvered – Live acoustic concert I USA 2006
Adam & Mia Adam & Mia USA 2008
Addy, Rob & Hacker, Kat Hallelujah (single) USA 2011
Adler, Dan and Sandy USA 2008
Aftab, Arooj Collection 1 USA Pakistan 200X
Air A day in the life Japan 2005
Aki, Erkan True love Germany 2012
Akiyama, Yoko Piranha in lake USA 2009
Alabaster Blue 10 songs, any style USA 2010
Alan! Just Rocking USA 2011
Aliqua Aliqua USA 2009
Allan, Josh The let go USA 2006
Alleyne-Johnson, Ed Arpeggio UK 2011
Andonov, Bobby Hallelujah – Single USA 2010
Angelou Hallelujah (EP) UK 1997
Apple, Winston Hallelujah – Single USA 2010
Ardisson, Beatrice Paris by night France 2009
Aural pleasure Afterglow USA 2010
Austin, Landon Hallelujah (single) USA 2011
Ayado, Chie Prayer Japan 2011
Azucena, Maya Junkyard jewel USA 2007
B_dard, Melissa Star academie noÔl 2012 2012 France
Baccini, Francesco La notte non dormo mai Italy 2003
Backseat Bordello End times dinner USA 2010
Backseat Bordello End times dine USA 2010
Baeck, Arndt Auszeit Germany 2012
Baker, Bastian Tomorrow may not be better Switzerland 2012
Baker, Ronan The sad parade USA 2008
Balladeire Balladeire Germany 2005
Band of the South Australia Police And all that jazz Australia 2012
Band of the South Australia Police Bound for Basel Australia 2010
Baricman, Chris Blind USA 2000
Barron, Nicholas As I am USA 2007
Barrow, Rene That’s life USA 2010
Batalla, Perla We three kings USA 2008
Bates College Deansmen, The The deansmen: a century half full USA 2007
Bazan, David B-side of a single USA 200X
Bergh, Bert van den Verzameld Holland 2009
Berry, Chelsea I wonder UK 2011
Bertlin, Susanne My Christmas Sweden 2012
Bhatt, Anand R.I.P. Jeff Buckley Goodbye Leonard Cohen Hello Acoustin Improvisation USA 2008
Bigras, Dan Fan Canada 2009
Bila, Lucie Bang! Bang! Czech R 2009
Bird of Pray More Sad Songs USA 2011
Bishop, Heather My face is a map of my time here Canada 2009
Blackbirds Endlines & punchrhymes USA 2009
Blake Blake UK 2008
Blanchfield, Sinead Voyage of dreams UK 2009
Blount, Lindsey Always here with me USA 2001
Blue Engine String Quartet If it be your will Canada 2005
Blue Jupiter Ear Candy USA 2002
Blumfeld 1000 Tränen tief Germany 1999
Blunderfield, Will Hallelujah USA 2011
Bohren, Spencer Tempered steel USA 2013
Boihren, Spencer Tempered steel USA 2013
Bollani, Stefano Il dotter Djembe Italy 2012
Bon Jovi Lost Highway UK 2007
Bon Opratit! Sensatiable 2013 USA
Bono Tower of song USA 1995
Borderes ( The)& The Rough Diamond Time for change Australia 200X
Bortnick, Ethan Ethan Bortnick and his musical machine USA 2010
Boström, Tomas Mitt gömda jag Sweden 2009
Botti, Chris December USA 2002
Botti, Chris Chris Botti in Boston USA 2009
Bowditch, Clare Like a version Australia 2005
Bowditch, Clare Triple J: Like a version USA 2005
Boyle, Susan The Gift UK 2010
Braaten, Cathy Slowdown USA 2003
Bradley, Jackie Dream USA 2009
Brandt, Steffen& Dickow, Tina På danske laeber (both CD and live DVD) Danmark 2004
Brewster, Lincoln All to you…live USA 2005
Brian Vaccaro Trio Going through the motions USA 2011
Brigyn Haleliwia UK 2008
Brown Derbies, The We deliver USA 2007
Buckley, Jeff Grace USA 1994
Buckley, Jeff Mystery White Boy -live ’95-’96 USA 2000
Buckley, Jeff Live at Sin-E USA 2003
Buckley, Jeff Live at L’Olympia France 2001
Buckley, Jeff Live from the Bataclan USA 1996
Burke, Alexandra Hallelujah (single) UK 2008
Burnett, Fiona Imagine Australia 2006
Cafe Musique Catching breath USA 2010
Cale, John I’m your fan France 1991
Cale, John Fragments of a rainy season USA 1992
Calstrup, Gitte Degn En sang på vejen Denmark2010
Canadian Tenors, The The perfect gift Canada 2010
Cantemoiselle Es Stuck vom Gluck Germany 2012
Captain Smartypants Undercover USA 2004
Carlile, Brandi Connect sets USA 2005
Carlile, Brandi Live at Benaroya Hall with The Seattle Symphony USA 2011
Caro feat. Charlie Batchelor The 4th way USA 2007
Carr-Harris, Philip Philip USA 2010
Casale, Giulio L’uomo col futuro di dietro Italy 2005
Casapietra, Björn Celtic prayer Germany 2010
Casey, Patrick Alan Leaving California USA 2010
Castro, Jason Jason Castro USA 2010
Catgut & Steel Stringing it together New Zealand 2008
Celtic Thunder It’s entertainment Ireland 2010
Chambers, John Philosmusical fragments USA 2007
Chamorro, Joan & Andrea Motis Feeling good Spain 2012
Chapman, Daisy Hymns of blame USA 2006
Childs, Liz Take flight USA 2011
China Dunshan Symphonic Wind Orchester Just for you Switzerland 2013
Choir of Hard Knocks, The Songs of the Series Australia 2007
Clark, Carrie Release the butterfly USA 2001
Clayburn, Andy 13 x 13 USA 2011
Clayderman, Richard Romantique 2013 France
Clemson University TakeNote Best of college a cappella USA 2006
Clouser, Todd Love electric USA 2010
Cluster Steps USA 2009
Coco and Lafe Uncovered USA 2009
Collins James The way you look tonight USA 2009
Collister, Christine Love UK 2005
Comeau, Allan Life is in session USA 2007
Conspiracy of Beards Conspiracy of Beards USA 2008
Conspiracy of Beards Live at Heritage Hall USA 2013
Conway, Alana Fields of gold Australia 2013
Coro Santa Croce Un canto senza fine USA 2008
Coughlan, Mary Various Artist -Sanctuary Irland 2007
Cousineau, Étienne Ma voie Canada 2013
Crawford, Hank Wildflower UK 2002
Crouch, Lisa Hallelujah USA 2011
Crowe, Allison Tidings: 6 songs for the Season Canada 2004
Crowe, Allison Tidings Live DVD Canada 2005
Crowe, Katherine Just me USA 2007
Cunningham, Dana Live at Stone Mountain Art Center USA 2010
Danek, Wabi Soliteri The Chech Rep 2013
Darren, Kurt Smiling back at me 2009 South Africa
Dartmouth Brovertones, The Bro & Tell USA 2012
Debska, Ela Kochalam cie dzis rano Poland 2012
Desrosiers, Tiffany Tiffany Desrosiers Canada 2009
Diamond, Neil Dreams USA 2010
Dick, Trevor Glory and peace USA 2007
Die Priester Spiritus dei 2011 Germany
Diop, Wasis Wasis Diop: Judu bek Senegal 2008
Dobson, Ewan Ewan Dobson III Canada 2012
DouGlass, Gregory Cover art UESA 2010
Duin, Andre van Dubbel Holland 2010
Duke, Adrian Lazy bones 2010 USA
Dylan, Bob Critic’s Choice Vol.3 (bootleg) (live, Montreal 1988)
Eaglesmith, Fred CMT Christmas USA 2001
Elisa Lotus Italy 2003
Ellipsis Walk this road USA 2010
Emmy the Great First love (Close harbour) UK 2009
Eriksson, Anna Garden of Love (DVD) Finland 2010
Erza, Adam Cover USA 2009
Eshaghoff Friedberg, Tania The lullaby project lala-yee USA 2013
Esko, Matti Halleluja Finland 2011
Evans, Kevin Going to and coming from Canada 2008
Fabrice Roots USA 2011
Fase, Drew Tonight the moon belongs to you USA 2009
Favarel, Frédéric Jazzpop France 2012
Fay, R_ndi That old black magic 2012 USA
Felix, Julie I walk with beauty UK 2004
Finardi, Eugenio Il silenzio e lo spirito Italy 2003
Fine Art Music Many hearts. One voice. 2012 Germany
Fisher, Juni Secret Chord USA 2012
Fleming, Renee Dark hope USA 2010
Fletcher, Katelyn Katelyn Fletcher – single USA 2013
Flying Colors Live in Europe USA 2013
Flöjt, Helena Låt mig visa Finland 2010
Forsberg, Ebba Ta min vals Sweden 2009
Forsberg, Ebba Ta min vals (CD+live DVD) Sweden 2011
Fraser, Jeri Lynne Just use your love 2012 USA
Freya CD single Denmark 1999
Fullbright, John Live at the Blue Door USA 2009
Futenma, Kaori Hallelujah (single) Japan 2009
Future Hitsmakers Ultimate instrumental hits of today USA 2010
Gallagher, Valerie Markell Collage 2012 USA
Gallai, Péter A vendégek – Leonard Cohen dalai Hungary 2003
Gandolfi, Paul Vincent Stir the menagerie USA 2008
Garvey, Rea Barfuss – Original soundtrack Germany 2005
Gazarek, Sara Return to you USA 2007
Genghis Barbie Home for the holidays USA 2011
Gennarose Spirit USA 2005
Geri X Can’t make you happy USA 2007
Gibson, Claudia (Claud) Highwire UK 2008
Gillen, Fred Jr. Match against a new moon USA 2010
Gillis, Peter Hallelujah (single) USA 2011
Goda Hopp Jul i acappellabo Sweden 2010
Gora, John & Gorale Polka playin’ fool Canada 2009
Grace, Kayte Live in NYC USA 2010
Granger, Randy Pura vida this is oure USA 2010
Grenier, Karen Crazy love Canada 2009
Griffin, Alistair Finding Boethius UK 2006
Groothuizen, Angela Melk en honing Holland 2008
Grundler, James Hallelujah (EP) USA 2008
Gunn, Isobelle Losing the Ground USA 2012
Göransson, Erik Hallelujah – Single USA 2011
Hall, Anthony Michael Dead Zone (soundtrack) USA 2004
Hall, Tianna Ballads & bossas USA 2010
Hamilton, Jake Freedom calling USA 2011
Harlan, Scott Scott Harlan USA 2006
Hartman, Ellisa Arbutus Canada 2009
Hatlee, Paul The greatest night of All -EP USA 2011
Hector Kultaiset lehdet Finland 1995
Heikkinen, Henna Idols 2005 Finland 2005
Hennessey, Debbie Single USA 2010
Henry, Michael & Robinett, Justin Simplistic duplexity USA 2011
Herman, Yaron Cool tributes – The chill out sessions Spain 2009
Herzog, Todd A shelter of peace USA 2011
Hest, Ari Live at Ziggy’s Bar USA 2002
Hockridge, Murray & Kilminster, Dave Closer to earth UK 2011
Hoel, Jørn Jørn Hoels heteste Norway 2006
Holiday Celebrity Holiday celebrity playlist USA 2010
Holmberg, Jonas Svenska jazzballader vol 1 Sweden 2009
Holmes, Clint Clint Holmes Christmas USA 2010
Horn, Jim feat. Jonell Mosse Children of the Universe USA 2012
Hpu Petal Points One voice USA 2011
Hryniw, Carrie Finding grace USA 2008
Hudd, Brooke Song to be sung USA 2009
Hvanndalsbræður Ríða feitum hesti Iceland 2006
Hvidsten, Erik-André Desembertnatt Norway 2011
Il Divo Promise USA 2008
Isobelle Gunn Losing the ground Canada 2012
Jaensch, Juergen Ich kenne Deine Träume Germany 1997
James, Branden The voice of Christmas USA 2013
James, Freddie Montreal Jazz Club Session 2 Canada 2005
Jamily Hallelujah Brazil 2012
Janos, Kulka Akarod vagy nem Hungary 2010
Janus Winterreise Germany 2002
Jardvall, Alexandra Myelf, and I USA 2010
Jazz Mandolin Project – Jamie Masefield The deep forbidden lake USA 2005
Jelloslave Purple orange USA 2010
Jenkins, Bow The acoustic sessions UK 2006
Jenkins, Katherine Sacred arias UK 2008
Jess, Gary Day dreams USA 2012
Jimmy G Pirates calling USA 2010
Jochimsen, Jess & Bendiks, Sascha Das wird jetzt ein bisschen weh tun Germany 2007
Jodi, Alana, & Morgan Hallelujah (single) USA 2010
Johannes Luebbers Dectet The exquisite corpse of Beethoven Australia 2011
Joli, France Hallelujah (single) USA 2012
Jones, Aled Reason to believe UK 2007
Jones, Ashton Demo USA 2004
Jones, Brighton The new blessings USA 2010
Jones, Indie Raise up USA 2010
Jones, Vince Live Australia 1999
Jong, Tracie de Turning in New Zealand 2004
Jorcx Jorcx interpreta Cohen Spain 2006
Jordan, Riley Hallelujah Single USA 2009
Ju-L Christmas hits – Jul i Danmark Denmark 2011
Jubilant Bridge Power lines USA 2010
Jukebox Heaven A mellow night USA 2011
Juliane-XD Cover USA 2012
Jupiter/in/January Photographs of ghosts USA 2007
Just B Meanwhile, back on the asteroid USA 2005
Jöback, Peter Jag kommer hem till jul Sweden 2002
K’s Choice Paradiso Holland 1999
Karaoke album Enya and Leonard Cohen USA 2002
Karmadillo Covering all basses UK 2008
Kekäle, Jari & CO Oven raosta Finland 2001
Kempters, The Be still & Know that I am God USA 2009
Kerr, Martin Drop in the sea Canada 2011
Kettel, Gee Gee One man band Germany 2010
Kids In The Way Safe from the losing fight 2004 USA
King’s Singers From the heart UK 2009
Kokia Christmas gift Japan 2008
Kowalska, Kasia Antepenultimate (Edycja Specjalna) Poland 2009
Kreisberg, Jonathan One 2013 USA
Kristensen, Heidi Single USA 2011
Kukura, Juraj Jsem tvuj muz Czech R. 1995
Kurtz, Rachel Broken & Lowdown USA 2012
L(ukeman), Jack Rooftop Lullaby Ireland 2000
Lang, K. D. Hymns of the 49th parallel USA 2004
Lang, K. D. Recollection USA 2010
Lang, K.D. Live in London with the BBC Concert Orchestra (DVD) UK 2008
Lang, k.d. Juno Awards Canada 2010
Lang, k.d. Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010 – Itunes exclusive Canada 2010
Larsson, Anna Lotta Saknad Sweden 2009
Laula, Carol To let USA 2004
Laverman, Nynke Cohen in het Fries (CD/DVD) Holland 2008
Lee, Eric Thunder road (Single) USA 2011
Leigh Cobble, Tara Lee Playing favorites USA 2008
Leith, Damien Winner’s journey USA 2006
Levy, Yasmin Sentir Israel 2009
Lieberth, Elise feat. Steve Acho Hallelujah – Single USA 2011
Lightseekers Flying free France 2008
Lind, Espen – Nilsen, Kurt – Fuentes, Alejandro & Holm, Askil Hallelujah Live Norway 2006
Linn & Markus Julskinkan Sjunger Sweden 2009
Lisa Hallelujah (single) Holland 2009
Lloyd, Alex Other side USA 2006
Loaded Strings and Wood Classic rock sculptures vol 1 Australia 2008
Lois, Lisa Smoke UK 2009
Long, Marjorie Aflame USA 2007
Lucky Jim Die fetten Jahre sind vorbei (soundtrack album) Germany 2004
Lundell, Ulf Når jeg kysser havet / Ulf Lundells beste Sweden 1999
Lundqvist, Jan Erik Leonard Cohen på svenska Sweden 2002
Lyrica Con passione New Zealand 2010
Macbrolan Veranda USA 2006
MacDonald, Margot Walls USA 2009
Mack, Caroline Because of you USA 2011
Mackey, Matt These tracks USA 2008
MacNeil, Luke Under covers USA 2006
Malchicks, The To kill a mockingbird UK 2008
Malcontent Second fiddle New Zealand 2008
Malmberg, Myrra Bossa vol. 2 Norway 2007
Mann, Chris A Mann for all seasons USA 2013
Manns, Jason Soul USA 2010
Many Angels To you USA 200X
Marcy Playground Lunch recess & detention USA 2012
Marti, Jeff & Wayne Sheehy Live in Dublin USA 2009
Martin, Jeff Live in Brisbane 2006 Australia 2006
Matijevic, Miljenko CD single USA 2010
Max, Kevin Between the fence and the universe USA 2004
McAlley, Nick The dancing wolf Holland 2010
McDonald, Michael Soul speak USA 2008
McDonald, Michael This christmas live in Chicago (DVD) USA 2010
McGurk, Justin The road back USA 2009
McKnight & Hall, Tiana Ballads and bossas USA 2010
Mead, Lee Love Songs UK 2012
Mean Larry & Friends Chelsea Hotel: A tribute to Leonard Cohen USA 2000
Melara, Megan A series of small victories USA 2008
Melara, Mehan Series of small victories USA 2008
Menachem, Maya Johanna & Shay Tochner Ain’t going nowhere USA 2012
Menconi, Jean D’amore France 2010
Menhennett, Kelly World of mine Australia 2010
Merwe, Koos van der Leonard Cohen in Afri-Kaans South Africa 2013
Mestizo Mestizao USA 2009
Meurman, Kristian Ensiaskeleet Finland 2007
Meyers, Ron Shoot´n the moon USA 2009
Michael Hymnes à la Beauté du monde USA 2009
Migenes, Julia Meilleur de Julia Migenes USA 1993
Mili ( Miljenko Matijevic) Hallelujah (single) Israel 2010
Miller, Frisk On her own USA 2011
Miltich, Anthony Sound mind USA 2010
Minshew, Brian Notes on the human condition USA 2009
Miria Under the surface USA 2010
Misiti, Raffaella & Colombo, Eugenio October Songs Italy 2010
Mistrinanka Hallelujah The Czech Rep 2011
Moffatt, Ariane Trauma Canada 2010
Moira Coming up roses USA 2008
Monique Believer Denmark 2005
Monsieur Camembert Famous blue cheese Australia 2007
Montreal Jazz Club Session – 2 Canada 2005
Moon, Bianca You feel my love – EP USA 2011
Mooney, Kelley Tomorrow USA 2011
Morente, Enrique Omega Spain 1996
Morton, Euan NewClear USA 2006
Mr. & Mr. Mörg Live in rood – wit Holland 2008
Munch, Tom Hallelujah (single) USA 2011
Muno, Claudine Merry lux-mas USA 2006
Musleh, Marsha Who I am USA 2011
Måndotter, Lena Songs of Leonard Cohen Sweden 2008
Neihardt, Robin A path throught the desert USA 2011
Nelson, Willie Songbird USA 2006
Nielsen, Per Chrismas joy Denmark 2011
Nijs, Rob de Vanaf Vandaag Holland 2004
Nikolas, Takacs A második X Hungary 2011
NINIWE The beautiful long ago Germany 2010
Norby, Caecilie First conversation Denmark 2002
Nordlund, Peter Long road back Sweden 2010
Norsk noteservice wind orchestra Demo tracks vol. 26: Fame Norway 2007
Northcott, Tom Joyful Songs of L. Cohen Canada 1997
Novalis Deux Black snow Germany 2010
O’Callaghan, Patricia Real emotional girl Canada 2000
O’Donnell, Rory Eternity Australia 2009
O’Gill, Darby Irish Christmas Rollick USA 2004
Ofarim, Esther I’ll see you in my dreams USA 2009
Ogden, Craig The Guitarist UK 2010
Olson, Robin A violin Christmas USA 2008
On The Rocks Full coverage USA 2005
Orkisz, Pawel Dno serca Poland 2007
Ortopilot Covers Vol. two UK 2010
Other Guys, The Hullo? USA 2006
Overboard Tidings USA 2008
Owen-Jones, John Hallelujah UK 2006
Pacheco, Nathan Nathan Pacheco 2012 USA
Pain of Salvation The second death of pain of salvation USA 2009
Paramore Final riots USA 2008
Parker, Mel Ballads, boogie & blues USA 2010
Pascal, Daniele Dance me to the end of love S. Africa 1996
Paus, Ole Fra et hvitmalt gjerde i sjelen Norway 2005
Pearson, Martin The dark side of the farce Australia 2007
Peled, Noam Promo single Israel 2005
Pell, Axel Rudi Ballads IV Germany 2011
Pellow, Ashley Pot of tea USA 2008
Perttu, Tapani Tanssi elämän tanssi Finland 1988
Pestle, Hana Hana Pestle EP USA 2008
Pettersson, Sofia Slow down Sweden 2002
Piano Strings Ensemble Piano strings tribute to the passion USA 2004
Piano Strings Soundtrack Tribute to Shrek USA 2003
Pihl, Maria Various artists volume one Germany 2006
Platt, Joe Hallelujah Single USA 2010
Poggi, Fabrizio & Chicken Mambo Spirit & Freedom UK (?) 2010
Pokora, M A la poursuite du bonheur France 2012
Poma-Swank, The Red sky in Brooklyn USA 2005
Poniros, Risa & Karen Allred Simply American USA 2012
Popa Chubby Big man big guitar: Popa Chubby live USA 2005
Port Chuck Port Chuck Vol 1 USA 2011
Portland State Chamber Choir A drop in the ocean USA 2012
Prayerbabies, The Sundee best 200X
Preising, Tobias In transit 2012 Germany
Presnyakov, Igor Acoustic pop ballads USA 2011
Preto, Dinho Ouro Black Heart USA 2012
Pretres, Les Spiritus Dei (DVD) France 2010
Prevedoros, Brad Hallelujah (single) USA 2011
Prosa, Max Rangoon Germany 2012
Prètres, Les Spiritus dei France 2010
Pure Blue Scatching the surface USA 2007
Puustjärvi, Anni Idols 2008: Tähtiluokka Finland 2008
Quebb The Venice reprise, part one USA 2005
Quinn, Asher Songs of love and chains UK 2008
Quintana, Gerard El disc de La Marató TV3 Spain 2006
Quintana, Gerard Acordes con Leonard Cohen Spain 2007
R Master feat.Ingo Lass New Anime Nation Vol.3 USA 2011
Racoon Live at Chasse Theater Breda Holland 2009
Rae, Sheryl After all these years Canada 2010
Rainer, Annie Rythm & Reiner USA 2011
Reimer, Peter Again Germany 2011
Reiner, Annie Rhytm & Reimer USA 2011
Reinwald, Cantor David Here I stand USA 2011
Relaxing Piano All I ask of you USA 2011
Reynolds, Jamie Hallelujah (single) USA 2012
Rich, Douglas Scuba USA 2003
Richard & Adam The Impossible Dream UK 2013
Ricky Z Hallelujah (single) USA 2011
Ring, Jason Patchwork USA 2007
Rios, Natalia & Gabriel CD single Belgium 2010
Riverso, Rosanna Let there be peace Canada 2010
Roemischer, Jessica Haven USA 2011
Roets, Mathys Die tyd sal leer South Africa 2003
Rosa, Draco Vino Spain 2008
Rosenvinge, Christina Un caso sin resolver Spain 2011
Rot, Jan Hallelujah Holland 2008
RUA Whisper Ireland 2004
Rube, Gerd Living the Dream USA 2011
Rubino, Lucio Lucio Rubino USA 2011
Russel, Maureen The bittersweet 2012 USA
Russell, Maureen The bittersweet USA 2012
Saints of Boogiestreet, The Leonard Cohen covered by The Saints of Boogiestreet Iceland 2012
Sam Horizon USA 2011
Sanden, Molly Samma himmel Sweden 2009
Sanders, John Lee Gospel sessions: Southern roots USA 2007
Sandler Adam & Shaffer, Paul 12-12-12-12 the concert for Sandy Relief 2013 USA
Sandler, Adam & Shaffe, Paul 12-12-12 The Concert for Sandy Relief USA 2013
Savannah Reaching serenity USA 2009
Scanu, Valerio Cosi diverso USA 2012
Schafer, Beth Raise it to bring it down USA 2009
Schoeman, Leon Judas en die joker South Africa 2013
Schulte, Michael Acoustic cover -Live vol.1 USA 2011
Scofield, Jocelyn Unplugged & unorganized USA 2006
Scott, Hilary Road to hope USA 2006
Scott, Hilary & The New Contry Line Still Hilary Scott & The New County Line USA 2011
Scott, Jennifer Mile 41 USA 2007
Scott, Lisbeth Hope is a thing USA 2009
Scott, Robert Pianoptic USA 2008
Selis, Eve Family tree USA 2011
Sheeler, Haley Closer to the ground USA 2005
Sheridan, Suzanne Sings the songs of Joni Mitchell and Leonard Cohen USA 2012
Shimabukuro, Jake Peace love ukulele USA 2010
Shimomura, Makoto KazeMachi Japan 2002
Shrek Soundtrack Tribute Band Pianostrings soundtrack tribute to Shrek USA 2006
Shrieve, Sam Bittersweet lullabies USA 2009
Shuk, The Experience Israeli and Jewish culture Israel 2011
Silver, Elaine Blissfully Abundant USA 2009
Sjögren, Christer Älskade andliga sånger Sweden 2007
Skaroulis, George Imagine USA 2009
Slattery, Celia Cast of characters USA 2008
Smallhat, Barney Hallelujah (single) USA 2011
Smitty and Julija To Leonard with love USA 2012
Someone Like You Songs from the Hheart USA 2011
Somers, Neil Anderkant Atlantis Hollan 2009
Sonny Boy Mick Hallelujah USA 2005
Sons of the Day The greatest of these USA 2006
Sotton, Fabrice L’encol France 2012
Spangler, Teresa The Game of Life EP USA 2007
Spilde, Eirin By heart & by soul Norway 2008
St Lawrence University Sinners Drop everything USA 2005
St Pier, Natasha Message France 2010
Stage 11 Standing Here – Live at the Mint USA 2011
Starsailor Love is here – live (DVD) USA 2002
Steer, Amanda Mad world USA 2008
Sten & Stanley, Alexander Nilsson 50 Jubileum – Ett samlingsalbum Sweden 2012
Stewart, Noah Noah USA 2012
Street to nowhere Hallelujah USA 2006
String Quartet Tribute, The Strung out on Paramore USA 2007
Strombers Extraterrestres USA 2009
Ständut Blakk Live från Sundsvalls Gatufest Sweden 2011
Summervill, Chad Winter of your life USA 2011
Sunbeams, The Melancholy Mix USA 2009
Super Didier La Merde Des Autres France 2009
Surface, Pat I can see clearly now USA 2010
Surfin’ Bichos Family Album I Spain 1993
Susana, Leo The opposite of now USA 2011
Susanna and the Magical Orchestra Melody mountain Norway 2006
Suspenders, The Snowball USA 2008
Swan, Bri-anne Ballad of a Canadian Superhero EP USA 2011
Szafran, Lora Sekrety zycia wedlug Leonarda Cohena Poland 2012
Tallis, Rick Hallelujah for Japan – Single USA 2011
Tangerine Dream Under cover USA 2010
Tapp, Cam Little black book of flight Australia 2010
Taylor, Elaine Diane Single USA 2010
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Ten Tenors Double platinum Australia 2011
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The Haygoods Hallelujah – Single USA 2012
Thematic Pianos Die kinder Weihnachts party USA 2011
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Time for Three 3 fervent travelers USA 2010
Todd, Katie Mumbled Speech USA 2010
Trio Ewen Delahaye Favennec Kan tri me France 2011
Trois Trois France 2010
Turner, Dale Interpretations USA 2004
Twentytwo Brides Blazes of light USA 1997
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Up to fly You’re all invited Norway 2002
Van Etten, Frank Hallelujah (single) Holland 2009
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Voices In Your Head I used to live alone 2011 USA
Volador Disparen a Cohen Spain 2005
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Wakulinski, Krzysztof Roma teatr muzyczny: Cohen Poland 2006
Walker, Stan Introducing Star Walker Australia 2009
Watts, Anne Live at Christ Church USA 2003
Webb, Amy Carol Rythm rhyme reason: Songs that taught me USA 2010
Webb, Brian Live USA 2004
Weiler, Edgar We Shall Overcome USA 2011
Weissenberg, Caro & Obieglo, Andreas Caro Weissenberg & Andreas Obieglo USA 2006
Wells, John Acoustic festival USA 2009
Whenham, Jasmine 1:37 a.m. 2006 Canada
Whenman, Jasmine 0,067361111 USA 2006
Whiffenpoofs Whiffenium USA 2000
Widmark, Anders Cohen – The Scandinavian report Sweden 2009
Wild Mercy Furious fancies USA 2005
Wilgus, Jeffrey Signature USA 2007
Wilkinson, Mark Hand picked Australia 2012
William, Sean Don’t worry, it’s important USA 200X
Williams, Kathryn Relations UK 2004
Williams, Peter Peter Williams plays country UK 2010
Wolff, Michael Love and destruction USA 2006
Workman, Nanette Roots ‘n’ blues Canada 2001
Wullschläger, Wulli & Sonja Tonn Der letzte Gaukler Germany 2012
Yang, Faith Self-selected Taiwan 2009
Yann VIET Free Songs Trio La Javanaise France 2011
Yao Si Ting Eternal singing endless love 7 China 2009
Yaron Herman Trio A time for everything USA 2007
Zembaty, Maciej Alleluja Poland 1985
Zoid, Karen Terms & conditions South Africa 2010

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