Ever want to be a part of a Book of Concord Reading Group?

ConcordMattersw260You will have the chance very soon.  At the end of this month a new endeavor sponsored by the Brothers of John the Steadfast will launch — not on the blog although you will see a lot of posts related to it – but over the radio airwaves and also streaming over the internet.  “Concord Matters” will be a Confessions Reading Group Radio program on KFUO, the radio station of the LCMS.  Each Saturday will have a one hour time of having a host and one or more guests discussing the Confessions as they read through them.  Call-ins are going to be welcome to ask questions and even give comments.  The broadcast will also be put out through the week as well, and archived for streaming from the KFUO site.

Reading groups are near and dear to the Brothers of John the Steadfast.  Many chapters that were a part of our founding exist nationwide that gather at least monthly to go through the Confessions.  So now we bring an international opportunity for this to happen – a time for serious but conversational time around what we Lutherans believe, teach, and confess.

kfuo-button-fullStay tuned for more information on this upcoming program – it will launch on Saturday, November 30 (St. Andrew’s Day) at 10 am CST.  The initial program will have all four hosts (our own Charles Henrickson, Craig Donofrio, Rod Zwonitzer, and myself) and a special fifth guest, the Editor in Chief of BJS – Tim Rossow.  What happens when you get these guys together around the Confessions?  We will see, may it help bring a greater knowledge of what we believe, teach, and confess as Lutherans in the St. Louis area and across the world in its streaming form.

Stay tuned to the program as many guests will be very familiar names including some of our authors, but also guests from around the world and especially among the leadership of the LCMS.  The Book of Concord matters, it is relevant, it is a perfect fit for our times.  And with that, the Concord given to us who hold to its teachings is a precious gift from God.



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