Who let the dogs in?

imageWho is to receive the Lord’s Supper?

Martin Luther teaches, as Jesus teaches in the Holy Scriptures, that the Lord’s Supper is “the true body and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, under the bread and wine, given to us Christians to eat and to drink.”

One of our readers, Matt Phillips, asked, “Is an Anglican communion even valid” after he read an article about an Anglican Vicar (Pastor/Priest) giving communion to a dog. You can read the article here:

Now for Matt and all the readers of the world, the simple answer is NO! I believe John Frahm, another BJS reader and I think, author, stated it this way:

No Abendmahl fur hunde which means: No communion for dogs! The member who contacted the Bishop probably should have gone directly to the Vicar first and inquired why he took the action he did during the service and give him a chance to explain. However, as a Lutheran who knows and believes what the Body and Blood of Christ is, I too would be enraged at this action and possibly get on the hotline to the upper management to make sure this would never happen again.

Let’s ask ourselves some questions based on this article.

  • What does it mean to claim the title Christian?
  • Where is Christianity today? (I mean *true* Christianity)
  • Has Christianity fallen so far from the truth that it is essentially “Do what you please” religion?
  • Is the Lutheran Church Christian or is she in the same position as the Anglican Church?
  • Are Lutheran pastors (generally speaking) doing just as goofy stuff as the Anglican Vicar?
  • Is Doctrine enough these days while people (pastors & congregations) do what they want to do without any repercussions (discipline)?
  • Why isn’t the Office of the Keys (the binding & loosing of sins) being used today?
  • Are the pastors afraid to carry out their duties?
  • Are the people afraid to be disciplined because they think it means they’re going to hell?
  • Has Christianity truly gone to the dogs?

In the article about the Anglican Vicar, the reader can see that one member is not afraid and does know the difference between right and wrong. The reader can also see the rest of the congregation sitting by getting their ears scratched and enjoying the show.

Has Christianity fallen so far that worship is no longer worship but just a show where any person, beast, or creature is allowed to come and receive the holy things of God?

Lord, have mercy.

Let us pray.

Come Lord Jesus, come quickly come.

Peace be with you.

p.s. I hope every reader reads their Small Catechism after reading the article about the Anglican Vicar. Read the Sixth Chief Part on the teaching of the Lord’s Supper.

Always under the cross of Christ,

Rev. John F. Wurst
Maple City, Michigan

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