Steadfast Media Pick of the Week — Sacerdotalism


I know it is not recommended, 🙂 but I was binge listening to The God Whisperers and came across their discussion of sacerdotalism in episode 234 (~30:30). The discussion came about as a result of an article where Pr. Cwirla was named as one of those guilty of sacerdotalism in the LCMS mentioned. At the 46:30 they call the author of the article and make the beginnings of a dialog. Then in episode 236 (~19:00) a letter from Dr. Paul Schrieber of Concordia Seminary is read commenting on the issue. I found it a fascinating look at inter-Lutheran discussion and really look forward to the episode when there is a full on debate between the Pastors Cascione and Cwirla.

Episode 234

Episode 236

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