Recapping the Resolutions: One Thing to Pool Them All (by Pr. Charles Henrickson)

Over the past week, I posted seven articles with my comments on the 116 proposed resolutions coming from the seven floor committees. There was a request to put those all together into one resource for more convenient use. Here it is then, “One Thing to Pool Them All,” a fourteen-page pdf file that you can link and download:

Proposed Resolutions: Comments by Pr. Charles Henrickson

Also, remember that you should have at hand these documents, linked here, which you can also find at

Today’s Business
Convention Workbook
2010 Handbook

Finally, here is my Top Ten list of ten of the most important resolutions to be either passed, passed with amendment, or defeated. See my comments in the file for the reasons why. (Note that Committees 4, 5, and 7 seem to be the key committees.)


4-07: To Address the Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod Rostered Workers Communing at Heterodox Altars

4-09: To Overrule Commission on Constitutional Matters Opinion “Interpretation of Constitution Article VI 2 b” (11-2598 CW pp. 300-303)

5-01: To Encourage Continued Faithful Witness by the Concordia University System

5-03: To Establish an SMP Oversight Committee

5-05: To Amend Bylaws Regarding Boards of Regents and Concordia University System Board


4-06: To Address Questions re Service Apart from AC XIV

5-04: To Continue and Strengthen the Specific Ministry Pastor (SMP) Program


7-07: To Respond to 2010 Res 8-05B, To Change Process for Electing Delegates to Synod Conventions

7-08: To Respond to 2010 Res 8-05B, To Establish Number of Delegates to Synod Conventions

7-10: To Adopt Four-Year Convention Cycle

At the last convention, when it was Committee 8 that was bringing forward all the bad Blue Ribbon ideas, my word of warning was this: “If it comes from Eight, you must negate.” Now, when it is Committee 7 that is bringing back some of those Blue Ribbon ideas–particularly if the Commission on Handbook has had a hand in it–my caution is this: “If it comes from Seven, beware of the leaven.”

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