Proposed Resolutions: Committee 6, Administration and Finance (by Pr. Charles Henrickson)

To the sixth of the seven floor committees, i.e., Administration and Finance. Most of the resolutions here look fairly innocuous. If you have any feedback, try to get it to the committee chairman by tomorrow, if possible.

For reference:

Today’s Business
Convention Workbook
2010 Handbook


6-01: To Promote Financially Healthy Universities, Seminaries, and Church Workers

Develop strategies to eliminate debt among our schools, church work students, and church workers.

6-02: To (Joy)fully Fund Career and GEO Missionaries

Support, and expand the number of, our 69 career and 100 GEO missionaries and their families.

6-03: To Address Board of Directors Budget and Management Responsibilities

Clarify wording in bylaws as a result of restructuring.

6-04: To Restore the Secretary of Synod as a Voting Member of the Commission on Constitutional Matters (CCM)

Prior to 1995, the Secretary was a voting member of the CCM.

6-05: To Revise Definitions in the Handbook

Clarification of certain definitions.

6-06: To Address Synod Handbook Issues re Synodwide Corporate Entity Governing Instruments

Clarification of confusing language.

6-07: To Address Synod Handbook Issues Regarding Required Background Checks

A person elected to an office requiring a background check can’t take office until it is done.

6-08: To Clarify the Appointment Process for Various Representatives and Offices

Update bylaws for clarity.

6-09: To Clarify the Process for Appointment of the Executive Directors of the Offices of National and International Mission

Clarify a bylaw.

6-10: To Clarify Appointment of Chief Executives of Synodwide Corporate and Trust Entities and Executive Director of Commission on Theology and Church Relations

Clarify bylaws.

6-11: To Strengthen Nominations Process for Boards of Directors of Synodwide Corporate Entities

Committee for Convention Nominations shall consult with CEO of each corporate entity for input.

6-12: To Amend Bylaw re Membership on Concordia Plans Board

Would increase number on board and allow an additional term in office.

6-13: To Amend Bylaws re Removal and Filling of Vacancies of LCEF Board Members

Adds provision for removing board members and filling vacancies.

6-14: To Amend Bylaw re Terms of Office of LCMS Foundation Board Members

Allows an additional term in office.

6-15: To Amend Bylaws re Removal and Filling of Vacancies of LCMS Foundation Board Members

Adds provision for removing board members and filling vacancies.

6-16: To Encourage Conversation and Education about Commission on Constitutional Matters Opinions

Work to reduce confusion and controversy about the CCM and its opinions. What would also help, in my opinion, is to get rid of some of the people on the CCM, and replace them with better choices.

6-17: To Respectfully Decline Overtures

So declined.

Next time: Committee 7, Structure and Ecclesiastical Matters.

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