Proposed Resolutions: Committee 3, Life Together (by Pr. Charles Henrickson)

I’m doing more than one floor committee today, so that we can get through all seven by Friday, which is when the committee chairmen (listed on page 11 of Today’s Business) want feedback to be received.

We continue, then, with Committee 3, Life Together. As with all of the proposed resolutions, it is helpful to have at hand these documents:

Today’s Business
Convention Workbook
2010 Handbook

3. LIFE TOGETHER (TB, pp. 69-83)

3-01: To Expand the Koinonia Project

Will pass, but leaves out, as specific content to be included in the Koinonia Project, Articles VI and VII of the Constitution, which Ov. 3-08 (CW, p. 151) would have specified.

3-02: To Respect One Another and Put the Best Construction on All Things

Still, there is a distinction between private offenses and public offenses. But how would this resolution be used?

3-03: To Support, Commend, and Increase Witness, Mercy, and Life Together Ministry of Lutheran Schools

Will pass.

3-04: To Authorize a Blue Ribbon Committee on Lutheran Schools

To find ways to help support and save our Lutheran schools.

3-05: To Address Responsible Internet Use in Congregations

Will pass.

3-06: To Adopt Mission and Ministry Emphases for the 2013-2016 Triennium

Continue “Witness, Mercy, Life Together” emphasis.

3-07: To Further Promote Mission Awareness, Support, Collaboration, and Coordination for Rural and Small Town, Urban and Inner City, and Suburban Ministry

Let’s do ministry “in these areas” of our nation, which are . . . just about all of them.

3-08: To Reaffirm Faithful Church Revitalization as a Priority of the Office of National Mission

What all is meant by “revitalization”? And what about the evaluation of Transforming Churches Network?

3-09: To Continue to Support and Promote Black Ministry in The Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod

ONM to appoint Director of Black Ministry. Black Ministry Convocation in 2014. Will pass.

3-10: To Appoint a Task Force to Study the Call Process for Returning Missionary and Military Chaplains and Other Rostered Church Workers without a Call

Seek to get calls for returning chaplains and missionaries and for those church workers on candidate status.

3-11: To Support Church Workers

Encourage congregations to meet district salary guidelines for called workers. The resolution will pass, but I will be flabbergasted if the actual end result ever happens.

3-12: To Affirm Our Worship Treasures Old and New and Commend the Document, Text, Music, Context

Commends this resource for evaluating worship materials.

3-13: To Update Synod’s Catechetical Materials

Would update 1991 edition’s “Explanation” section. Would also produce a more comprehensive adult edition.

3-14: To Encourage Daily Family Devotions

Commends CPH resources for such. Gives more attention to home devotions.

3-15: To Encourage Study of Lutheran Confessions to Celebrate Reformation

Prepare resources to promote study of Confessions, especially looking toward 2017 anniversary.

3-16: To Express Thanks to the Office of the President and Offices of National and International Mission

Thanks, everyone!

3-17: To Thank and Commend the Lutheran Church Extension Fund

Thank you guys, too.

3-18: To Commend Concordia Publishing House

We commend you!

3-19: To Respectfully Decline Overtures

A couple of “mission and ministry” overtures didn’t follow proper procedure.

Next time: Committee 4, Theology and Church Relations.

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