Excellent Study Document by Pr. Heath Curtis: “Natural Law and Women in Combat”

Women in combat is an issue that the Missouri Synod ought to speak on, period. It is a no-brainer. It is one thing to send men into harm’s way to die to protect the nation or a community. To purposefully send women is a shameful and disgusting commentary on the state of our nation.  If you are willing to admit that men are called by God to protect women, and that a man who sends his wife to check downstairs for a burglar is a despicable coward, any further argumentation will be (as it should be) considered approaching the absurd.

However, if you are confused about this issue, if you are stubbornly resisting what every fiber of your being IS telling you, or if you are still searching for that Bible verse that tells us that liberated American women in the 21st century shouldn’t be sent into combat…then please give this a read. The Lord most definitely DOES have an opinion on the matter. And, unless you are particularly adept at fooling yourself, or cowering before the feminists in your own life, you know exactly how bad this move is and why the church ought to call sin, SIN, and abomination, ABOMINATION.

Pr. Heath Curtis’ excellent paper can be found at the below link. It was originally presented at “Male and Female He Created Them: Women in Times of War,” a forum organized by the Center for Lutheran Theology and Public Life (Dr. Uwe Siemon-Netto, Director), at Concordia Seminary– St. Louis, MO March 27, 2008.

“Natural Law and Women in Combat”

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And the following is an Overture that made it into the Workbook, but has unfortunately been placed into an omnibus resolution. Hopefully, the convention will see the need for the Synod to speak to this important issue in a timely fashion…like next week.

Women in Combat: Overture for the 2013 Synodical Convention

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