Get ready to vote, June 22-25 (by Pr. Charles Henrickson)

Starting this Saturday, thousands of LCMS pastors and laypeople will be voting for President of the Synod. The election of the LCMS President is being done in a much different way this time around: online, ahead of the convention, and with a different set of electors.

Due to a restructuring change adopted at the 2010 convention, this time it will not be the delegates to the 2013 national convention who will do the voting. Rather, it will be the pastoral and lay delegates from each congregation who attended their 2012 district convention. Everyone who fits that description should have received an envelope recently with voting instructions enclosed. (If you did not receive your envelope, or lost it, you should contact Secretary Hartwig’s office immediately.) The instructions tell you the internet address to go to, as well as the Election Code and the Voting PIN you will need in order to cast your vote. You will have a window of four days within which to cast your vote: from 12:01 a.m. (Central), on Saturday, June 22, through 11:59 p.m. (Central), on Tuesday, June 25. (Just in case a winner is not elected on the first ballot, electors should save their voting instructions for a possible second ballot one week later.)

The candidates on the ballot for Synod President are the three who received the most nominating votes:
* Incumbent Synod President, Matthew C. Harrison (1,111 nominating votes)
* Incumbent First Vice-President, Herbert C. Mueller, Jr. (140 nominating votes)
* Michigan District President, David P. E. Maier (126 nominating votes)

Harrison, Mueller, and Maier:

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