CPH — Concordia Triglotta back in print by popular demand!

photo-e1368031306474Concordia Publishing House has re-published by popular demand an out-of-print edition of the Book of Concord, Bente’s Triglotta. Get your copy here.

This is a unique edition of the Book of Concord featuring the text of the Lutheran Confessions in their original German (1580) edition and Latin (1584) edition, along with an English translation, presented in three running columns with wide margins for study notes. There is no other edition like it. For further details about the Concordia Triglotta please refer to the book’s preface, reproduced below.

It should be noted that this edition provides the only easily accessible texts of the actual Book of Concord in both its original and authoritative 1580 German edition and the first edition of the 1584 Latin edition.


Also published on Cyberbrethren.


The english version in this edition of the Book of Concord is the same translation as used on the Book of Concord website and distributed on the Daily Reading from the Book of Concord email list.

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