Grieving Right in Massachusetts, A Lesson for the LCMS, by Pr. Rossow

Both BJS political commentators are on the road at confessional conferences. Charlie Henrickson is on the road to Minneapolis for the ACL conference and yours truly is down in the heart of Texas for the ACELC conference in Austin.

0416132003I was walking up and down 6th Street looking for some good music to spend the night with when my buddy Pastor Roger Gallup emailed me to let me know that something good might be afoot in Boston. (The picture is of a street sign on 6th Street in Austin. I figured it was appropriate for this post.)

So while I was eating barbecue at the Iron Works on the Red River, and in between wiping the sauce off my face, I called the pastor at First Lutheran in Boston, Ingo Dutzmann and sure enough, something good is afoot in Boston. He was invited to the interfaith service at the local Catholic diocese, but turned down that invitation because he and District President Yeadon are holding an LCMS only service at First Lutheran.

This is how you handle grieving for a tragedy. There is no need to grieve in an interfaith service. Interfaith services compromise our witness according to Pastor Dutzmann. He did confess that if one of his own members were killed in the tragedy, he would have second thoughts. No need for second thoughts Pastor Dutzmann. “You done good” as they say down here in Austin. Worshipping with the heterodox and pagans does not help. It only confuses the issue.

The Bible is clear. We are to flee from the false teachers. Presidents Harrison and Yeadon messed up the Newtown incident by not acting firmly enough in defense of Scriptural truth and Synodical policy but at least now, the siren call of BJS, the ACELC, and a handful of others has had some positive effect. I would also say, that Harrison’s heroic but misguided efforts after Newtown, also contributed to the right thing happening in Boston. The truth of God has prevailed. He is a jealous God and does not want us whoring with and after false gods. It is good to see truth prevailing even if it is a bit late.

Maybe it is not too late for President Benke and others who persuaded the pastor in Newtown to stick to his guns and not apologize for his syncretistic sin, to work on Pastor Dutzmann and win him over to the side of compromise and sin? We hope not, but would not be surprised if he and others do, since it is so much easier to practice syncretism, unionism, open communion, the ungodly use of women, etc., than it is to be steadfast for the truth. If they do prevail it will be a chance for President Harrison to redeem himself by doing the right thing and holding the sinner accountable.

May it not come to that. In the meantime, good job Yeadon and Dutzmann. The Gospel is held pure by this move and what unity there is in the LCMS is preserved. Thanks be to God!

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